Sofía Vergara Breaks Silence on Personal Life After Divorce From Joe Manganiello

7 months ago

The Modern Family star is gearing up for a fresh start in the upcoming year. Four months after Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced their divorce, the actress opened up about her challenges over the past year and plans for next year during a recent interview.

Her life after a divorce.

“I’ve had a very interesting year. I don’t want to say ’bad’ or anything like that, but it’s been very interesting and very difficult,” Vergara provides insights into the tumultuous year during an interview.

Acknowledging the end of her seven-year marriage to Manganiello, she reflects on the emotional and personal difficulties encountered during this period. “I went through a divorce this year, the SAG strike that went on for so long,” the actress explains. “I’ve seen my friends struggle — some had to take their kids out of their schools or had problems with their mortgages, so it’s been a weird, weird year.”

New projects and world press tour.

Despite all obstacles, Vergara remains optimistic about the future. “It’s not like it’s bad,” she says. “I think all the things are resolving, everything is going to be okay, and I’m very excited for next year.”

The actress highlighted her participation in a new Netflix show called Griselda, set to premiere in January, as one of the things she looks forward to in the coming year. She anticipates a world press tour for the show and expresses overall enthusiasm for the projects lined up for 2024.

When questioned about the idea of a “fresh start” at the age of 51, Vergara expressed hope for positive changes but acknowledged the uncertainty of such a concept. “I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a fresh start at 51,” she explains. “I don’t know if I’m fresh anymore, but I’m just excited. I’m excited for the TV show that is coming. I’m excited for Toty, which has been doing really well since we started, and people are loving it because it’s such a good quality product.”

Reunion with her on-screen family.

Despite moving forward, Vergara shared a nostalgic moment with her former Modern Family cast members, showcasing a recent reunion with behind-the-scenes photos on social media. “So lucky to have worked with this people for 11 years,” the actress wrote in the caption. “I love and miss u all guys!!!”

The reunion included laughter and camaraderie among cast members, with a special mention of absent member Ty Burrell. The cast also shouted “we miss you Ty” and “love you dad” at the photo, which they propped up above a fireplace.

A new chapter in her personal life.

As for her personal life, Sofía Vergara has also appeared to move on. She has been spotted on multiple dates with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

2023 seems to be the year of celebrity divorces. Recently, another power couple filed for divorce, surprising everyone with their announcement.


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