Vision Test: Check How Good Your Eyes Are

2 years ago

Nowadays, there are lots of gadgets around us. We stare at our computers and mobile phones all day, every day, and of course this affects our vision. How many people feel their eyes aching at the end of the day, or have blurry vision and eye dryness? All of these symptoms can indicate ophthalmic problems.

There are a variety of vision deficiencies: colorblindness, near- and farsightedness, and astigmatism are the most common problems. Sometimes, a person doesn’t even know they have these issues — they just think that everyone sees this way.

We at Bright Side picked up a few simple tests to check your color perception and vision clarity. Move about 75 cm away from your monitor and find out how good your vision is!

What can you see in these pictures? Tip: point of view matters!

Yes, there are butterflies! Red-green color blindness is the most common color deficiency type. By the way, it affects men much more often than women.

What is hidden in all of these dots?

Do you see 7 and 16? This test was created by Japanese ophthalmologist Shinobu Ishihara. It’s actually been in use since 1917!

How about some more numbers?

It’s 13 and 8! People with red color blindness would see 1, and with green color blindness — 3, and both of them would see 3 instead of 8!

Let’s make it a little harder!

Did you find 12 and 9? People with red-green color blindness see 17 and 0.

Does it look simple?

See something? Try one more time! Still nothing? That’s right!

Yet, people with red-green color blindness see 45!

What comes out of the blue?

No, it’s not the pool floor! 503 is hiding here!

Do you recognize the green screen? Action!

No, we’re not going to shoot anything, just finding the number 276!

This rave of red hides some numbers!

Yes, red colors can be very different! Some people can’t see similar shades among the others, how about you? Can you see 641?

If you gaze into the abyss... what do you see?

Do you expect the little mermaid to swim out of the deep? No, she sent her friend 84 to tell you that your eyes are perfect!

Can you read the whole line... or sing it?

I am colorblind, coffee black and egg white... do you remember this Counting Crows song?

And the last question: do you see the word....

...DALTONISM?! If you do — you certainly don’t have it!

We hope you liked our test and recognized everything in the images. But remember, if you have the symptoms mentioned here, consult your eye doctor!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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In the rave of red picture, I saw 341, it doesn't prove that I'm colorblind right ?


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