Watch: My Ex Tattooed Hurtful Words on My Face, So I Covered It All. Then, a Stranger Offered Me Help

8 months ago

At the age of 21, Taylor White found her face inked without her permission, leaving her with no option but to conceal the unsightly marks with dark, black ink. However, one fateful day, a compassionate stranger stepped in, making a significant impact on her life.

Taylor White, with an unauthorized face tattoo.

In Florida, a lady got tattoos on her face that she didn’t want when she was 21. She talks about having a mean boyfriend. On her 21st birthday, when she was out celebrating, her boyfriend and his friends did something awful to her.

She can’t recall all the details clearly, but she woke up in a hotel room feeling very hurt, with a sense that something terrible had happened to her. To her astonishment, when she glanced at herself in the mirror, she discovered her face was covered in truly terrible tattoos.

Now, a compassionate stranger is assisting her in getting rid of these tattoos.

She tried using makeup to hide the tattoos, but her boss spotted them, and that’s when she realized she couldn’t go on like this. He suggested covering the tattoos with blackout ink for her to lead a “normal life,” and she agreed to it in 2008. However, despite the cover-up, she still faced job rejections.

Then, a remarkable turn of events occurred. A TikTok user known as TheDadBot stumbled upon her livestream by accident. He had learned about her story and seen her videos discussing her bipolar disorder, prompting him to feel the urge to assist Taylor.

In a surprising twist, Removery offered the procedure for free, which is typically an expensive service.

During an interview, Karridy mentioned that the difficulties Taylor had experienced had a clear and significant impact on her personal life. He believed these challenges were holding her back from realizing her full potential. Karridy also kindly offered to cover the costs of the tattoo removal and contacted several clinics to help with the laser surgery.

Amazingly, a laser tattoo removal company called Removery agreed to perform the removal procedure for free, which usually costs thousands of dollars.

She isn’t doing this just for her looks.

Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, Removery’s VP of Clinical Operations, mentioned that it could take up to two years for Taylor to remove her tattoos altogether. Nonetheless, during her first session, Taylor was observed with a ’smile’ on her face.

But this doesn’t deter Taylor. She has newfound goals after the tattoo removal and now aspires to pursue a career in the mental health care field. At the age of 37, Taylor explained, “I’m not having it removed purely for cosmetic reasons. This is really removing a part of me that I no longer represent or live in.”

Taylor’s journey to remove those unwanted facial tattoos is truly remarkable. She displayed unwavering determination, which is something we can all find inspiring. It’s not merely about improving her appearance; it’s about shedding a challenging chapter of her life and pressing onward.

She’s even eager to support others with their mental health, which is really commendable. Taylor’s story teaches us that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness. You can watch the complete video below 👇🏻.

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Preview photo credit thedadbot / TikTok


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