Every Actor Who Has Played an Addams Family Member, Ranked

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Over the years, the Addams Family franchise has been remade into various forms, including television shows, movies, and animated films. Throughout these transformations, many actors have played iconic roles as Addams family members, and we’re here to rank them based on their performances over the years.

1. Gomez Addams

Tim Curry’s look from Addams Family Reunion might’ve fit Gomez’s description, but we think he missed the deeper part of him, and it didn’t resonate with his role during the movie.

However, John Astin from The Addams Family TV series did an outstanding job as Gomez, and the whole show was creative and on point, keeping the comedic aspect of the show while also showing the characteristics of the Addams family.

Raul Julia from The Addams Family (1991) was almost the best to play Gomez because of his dark, gritty but still comedic vibe.

He wasn’t the main character this time, but we think Luis Guzmán from Wednesday fits Gomez Addams’ description. Even though he didn’t have a long part, he nailed every inch of his act while on the series.

2. Morticia Addams

Daryl Hannah’s beautiful looks from Addams Family Reunion did fit the cold vibes of Morticia, but the whole performance wasn’t the best — to be honest, it was sloppy, and it left a bitter taste in our mouths.

Catherine Zeta-Jones from Wednesday also fit the role perfectly, however, since the series was based on her daughter Wednesday, she didn’t get a chance to pull a mind-blowing act.

If there weren’t other actresses on our list who played Morticia, we think that Carol Jones from The Addams Family TV series could’ve won first place. Her performance was great, as she managed to keep the cold character, and we loved it.

When someone says Morticia Addams, the first actress that comes to our mind is Anjelica Huston from The Addams Family (1991). We think that she managed to get everything right, and that’s why she’s become the stereotypical Morticia we think of when we ponder about the family.

3. Wednesday Addams

Since her character, Wednesday Addams, was in her early years and the show focused on the family as a whole, Lisa Loring from The Addams Family TV series didn’t have much of an opportunity to display her acting chops.

While Nicole Fugere from Addams Family Reunion physically fit the bill for the character of Wednesday Addams, her comedic approach to the role differentiated from the iconic, serious personality of the character.

Christina Ricci from Addams Family Values did an outstanding job in her portrayal of Wednesday Addams. She would have been considered the best actor to play the role if not for Jenna Ortega’s equally impressive, or even better, performance.

Jenna Ortega from Wednesday got the chance to have a complete series dedicated to her, in which she acted perfectly. We were amazed to see how she performed so emotionlessly, like a faithful Addams family member, while doing her duties around the school.

4. Pugsley Addams

We think that Jerry Messing from Addams Family Reunion didn’t fit the bad-to-the-bone character of Pugsley.

Unfortunately, we can say the same about Ken Weatherwax from The Addams Family TV series, as he was simply not the best choice for the role of Pugsley.

Isaac Ordonez from Wednesday was, indeed, an excellent fit for the role of Pugsley, but we don’t think he was the best because he didn’t have the chance to showcase his talent due to the lack of scenes in the Netflix series.

Jimmy Workman from The Addams Family (1991) played Pugsley very well. He showed that Pugsley was always up to something sneaky, and his acting was perfect for this role. He is the true Pugsley of all the Addams Family productions.

5. Uncle Fester Addams

Even though Uncle Fester was originally a comedic character, Patrick Thomas from Addams Family Reunion overplayed this.

Christopher Lloyd from The Addams Family (1991) successfully portrayed the half-crazy character of Fester, however, we didn’t feel like he was the best choice.

Wednesday’s Uncle Fester was played by Fred Armisen, whose real-life persona is similar to the role he played. That’s why he was able to display the values of the character so well.

We believe Jackie Coogan from The Addams Family TV series was the perfect fit for the role of Uncle Fester. He perfectly captured the combination of madness and mystery that defined the character and brought it to life on-screen.

6. Lurch

We’re afraid that Carel Struycken from Addams Family Reunion didn’t fit the role of Lurch, even though he didn’t have much to say.

George Burcea from Wednesday could’ve worked nicely, but he wasn’t given the opportunity, as he was only shown 2 times in the series.

Carel Struycken’s appearance and acting approach in The Addams Family (1991) were nearly ideal for the role of Lurch, however, we decided that Ted Cassidy did a way better job.

Ted Cassidy’s makeup for The Addams Family TV series was spot-on for the role of Lurch, and he effectively conveyed the character’s tight-lipped nature.

7. Grandma Addams

Estelle Harris’s sweet face and personality from Addams Family Reunion just didn’t fit the spooky character of Granny Addams.

Marie Blake’s physical appearance on The Addams Family TV series was an excellent match for the role. However, her acting style from the 1960s may come across as dated compared to the more recent character performances.

Judith Malina’s performance as the spooky grandma from The Addams Family (1991) was impressive, but we believe that the character’s animated version is the best of all previous casts.

Despite the fact that she was animated, somebody had to provide a voice for her.
Bette Midler from The Addams Family’s animated production pulled off a great act without even showing her face.

Are you a fan of the Addams Family? What do you think about re-watching the classic episodes and seeing how the characters have evolved over time?


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