"Well, That’s Rude,’’ Selena Gomez Asks TikTok Why She’s Single and Gets a Heartless Reply

4 months ago

Selena Gomez, the talented and empowered star, shines bright not only for her incredible career but also for embracing the power of being single. She wears her single status like a crown, unshaken in her beliefs. However, in a recent TikTok challenge, Gomez was left stunned by a harsh answer to her playful question.

Some interesting answers appeared.

With excitement in the air, Gomez eagerly took on the TikTok challenge. As Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” played in the background, the responses appeared swiftly, and some of them were quite astonishing. ’’You’re still not over your ex,’’ one commenter wrote. ’’You have unhealed wounds,’’ ’’You are too picky,’’ and ’’You are focused on your career,’’ were just a few more.

As the red circle flashed with various suggestions, Gomez reacted in playful horror when it landed on “You have bad taste.” She expresses her shock in the caption, writing “Well, that’s rude, TikTok.”

Fans applauded her authentic reaction.

Her playful approach to dating and her ability to handle challenges with a good sense of humor prompted thousands of supportive comments from her fans.

’’You have great taste, and you don’t need a video to prove that,’’ one of them wrote. ’’Nah, the app is broken,’’ another one added, while some were more direct, commenting, ’’Not over your ex would be so iconic in this situation,’’ and ’’Beautiful women like you should not be single.’’

A peek into Gomez’s dating history

This isn’t the first time Gomez shared her thoughts on dating through TikTok. Earlier, she humorously mentioned her search for the perfect match and her high-maintenance tendencies.

The actress’s dating history is anything but boring. The beloved star, who celebrated her thirty-first birthday on July 22, has famously dated Justin Bieber on and off from 2011 until 2017. Gomez was linked to several handsome guys after the painful breakup, however, despite past dating rumors, she debunked speculations about her dating life, expressing a preference for being alone and enjoying her single status.

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better to be single than marry the wrong one .Just enjoy yourself . And maybe don't expect any one person to tick all the boxes on your list, just the ones thst are really important . Ny no 1 requirement is kindness it's salve for the mind body and soul

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