What 10 Idols From Our Favorite Action Movies Look Like Now

year ago

We love to rewatch our favorite action movies, even if they’re a bit old. Rocky and The Terminator remained popular for decades, and their actors have become idols to us. They may be getting older and have wrinkles and gray hair, but they’re still our dearest movie heroes.

We at Bright Side followed 10 iconic actors from old action movies over time and are sharing what they look like nowadays.

1. Jean-Claude Van Damme

2. Sylvester Stallone

3. Dolph Lundgren

4. Val Kilmer

5. Robert Patrick

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

7. Steven Seagal

8. Mark Dacascos

9. Mickey Rourke

10. Chuck Norris

Who is your favorite movie actor? What part of an old action movie would you like to be filmed one more time?


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