What 12 Celebrities Would Look If They Cut Their Hair Short

3 years ago

It’s so much fun to compare styles and trends, especially when it comes to celebrities: Unconventional and edgy haircuts are always in for them. But some artists haven’t changed their hairstyle for too long, so we have no choice but to imagine what they would look like with another hairdo or hair color. However, we can jazz up their hair ourselves with the magic of technology and see how they’d look.

Bright Side invites you to check out these looks never seen before on our favorite artists.

1. Jennifer Lopez

2. Shakira

3. Salma Hayek

4. Ariana Grande

5. Sofía Vergara

6. Eva Longoria

7. Eiza González

8. Selena Gomez

9. Zendaya

10. Gigi Hadid

11. Kim Kardashian

12. Kylie Jenner

Would you dare to get any of these hairstyles? Do you have a funny haircut story you’d like to share with the community?

Preview photo credit shakira / Instagram


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