15 People Who Have Finally Accepted Their Appearance and Fallen in Love With Their Perfect Imperfections

3 years ago

We’ve all probably thought about changing something about our look: pumping up our lips, getting a nose job, straightening our curly hair, or something like that. Very often, we create all of these problems ourselves, but in fact, they are the features that make us charming and unique.

We at Bright Side are convinced that there’s no such thing as appearance flaws. The guys from this compilation are learning to accept themselves for what they really are and be proud of their unique features instead of being ashamed of them.

“I even transferred the money from my rhinoplasty savings to my regular savings and canceled the old account.”

“I look like a pelican, but that’s my favorite animal so it’s ok”

“After 2 years of continuous bleaching, I finally cut all of the damaged hair off. Say hello to my new healthy hair!”

“23 with Androgenic Alopecia so I shaved my head!”

Androgenic alopecia is the exhaustion of hair that leads to hair loss.

“Close up of my freckled face”

“Trying to stay positive and see the beauty in this giant thing obstructing my face”

“I grew up always wanting surgery but realized it would totally change my face since my nose is such a big part of that. Love what makes you unique!!”

Beautiful Roman nose with a slight bump on the bridge

“Last year I decided to embrace my natural hair color and I believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“I was always really shy about my Afro, I would wear hats and hide it in hoodies. Today, I decided it needed to be something I was proud of, and not something I needed to hide.”

“I was told I shouldn’t wear big eyeglasses because they emphasize my nose. So... I bought the biggest pair I could find!”

“Unfiltered. No make-up. Just me and my flaws... Not these freckles though. I love my freckles.”

“Been suffering on and off from hair loss and finally decided to shave it off and rock the bald look I’ve been trying so hard to avoid. For those suffering from hair loss, don’t let it defeat you or make you feel ugly. You’re all beautiful.”

“Been trying to love my nose a little more each and every day now.”

“Grew up with my mother’s nose, which she hated on herself and continuously apologized to me for.”

What would you like to change about yourself? Or do you accept your appearance the way it is?

Preview photo credit ktherine1995 / Reddit


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Yes,we become more beautiful when we accept our imperfections 💙


duh, each of them are literally as beautiful as a disney princess with their natural apperance. And then there's me, who's nose is broken, tilt on one side, has a giant mole right at the top of it and looks like a punching bag..


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