17 People Who Wanted to Get a Stylish Haircut and Now Can’t Even Look in the Mirror

2 years ago

They say that hair isn’t like teeth — it’ll grow back. Even though a bad haircut is not the worst thing that can happen in life, some visits to barber shops or hair salons can make you want to stay at home for a while. But what really hurts is that some of these hairstylists have no idea what they did to a person’s looks because not all of us dare to tell them the truth about how we feel.

At Bright Side, we are convinced that some hairstylists should be deprived of their scissors. However, self-made attempts at cutting hair can be just as disastrous.

1. “This was done by the best barber in town, according to Google reviews.”

2. “After not cutting his hair for over 3 years, my boyfriend decided to change it up before a vacation. The stylist was satisfied with her work.”

3. “It’s definitely not the look I was going for.”

4. “This is the result of my mom nagging my dad to get a haircut. Glorious!”

5. “This is me before going in for a light trim on the left, and fresh out the shop on the right.”

6. “Sadly, it wasn’t a homemade job.”

7. “I was trying to cut my hair with a razor machine for beards that failed after 2 minutes.”

8. “I got my hair cut in China.”

9. “Hair clippers died right in the process.”

10. “My boyfriend decided to get a $5 haircut, and it shows.”

11. “Bangs went horribly wrong.”

12. “I had this haircut when I was 16.”

13. “Look how they massacred my boyfriend.”

14. “My husband tried cutting his hair by himself.”

15. “This was done at a salon. And they didn’t refund me.”

16. “My friend was feeling good until he saw the back.”

17. “Me at 16-years-old with a crooked high-and-tight — a girl is literally laughing at my hair in the photo.”

Did you ever get a bad haircut? Share your experience in the comments below.

Preview photo credit tayylorlyynn / Reddit


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