What 15 Celebs Look Like Without Their Signature Features

3 years ago

Every person has something distinctive on them that makes them unique amongst everyone else. The same thing applies to celebrities, with some of them being famous for a certain facial feature. For example, you’d easily be able to recognize Julia Roberts by seeing a picture of just her smile.

Bright Side took the liberty of altering some of the most known features of celebrities and the results are pretty impressive.

1. Lily Collins with thinner eyebrows

2. Miranda Kerr without her dimples and not-so-plump cheeks

3. Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character’s “original” nose.

4. Chris Hemsworth with dark hair and a darker beard

5. Ariana Grande with short hair

6. Bradley Cooper with darker eyes

7. Selena Gomez with skinnier cheeks

8. Michael B. Jordan with thinner lips

9. Taraji P. Henson with much lower eyebrow arches

10. Reese Witherspoon with a more rounded chin

11. Danny Trejo without his legendary mustache

12. Eva Mendes without her signature beauty mark

13. James Franco with bigger eyes and without his adorable smiling eye wrinkles

14. Olivia Wilde with a different jawline

15. Ashton Kutcher without his charming dimples

Are there any other celebrities that you’d like to see without their signature characteristics? Please share your ideas with us.


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