What 15 Celebs Would Look Like If They Had a Different Face Shape

2 years ago

According to a study, the shape of our faces could be linked to certain personality traits. The face width to height ratio has been linked to traits such as being a risk-taker, dominant, and even deceptive. Another study found that people with facial symmetry proved to be more extroverted. There are several different face shapes, including square, round, long, heart, and diamond.

Our face shape is often a trait that makes us incredibly recognizable. At Bright Side, we wondered how different we’d look by changing our facial shape and would like to share what we found with you.

1. Blake Lively

2. Robert Pattinson

3. Charlize Theron

4. Vin Diesel

5. Bella Hadid

6. Jensen Ackles

7. Anne Hathaway

8. Daniel Radcliffe

9. America Ferrera

10. Jason Statham

11. Selena Gomez

12. Pierce Brosnan

13. Adele

14. Keanu Reeves

15. Amy Schumer

What face shape do you have? Do you think you can call out personality traits based on someone’s face?

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