What 15 Famous Actresses Looked Like at the Beginning of Their Careers

year ago

Sometimes, actors get their breakthrough roles later in life. At the same time, some of them start their careers at a young age when they are just kids. We decided to find out what our favorite actresses looked like at the beginning of their careers.

Elisabeth Moss

Elle Fanning

Bailee Madison

Keira Knightley

Joey King

Lindsay Lohan

Michelle Trachtenberg


© Shake It Up / Disney Channel and co-producers, Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / EAST NEWS, Invision / Associated Press / East News

Chloë Grace Moretz

Anna Chlumsky

Selena Gomez

Christina Ricci

Nicole Kidman

Shannen Doherty

Millie Bobby Brown

Which of these actresses has changed the most, in your opinion?


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