What 20 Celebs Would Look Like If They Fit Historical Beauty Standards

2 years ago

Beauty standards seem to change in a blink of an eye, so we grew curious about what celebrities would look like if they had lived in the Renaissance Era. To no one’s surprise, they are dead ringers for princes and princesses from the past. Even though you won’t see these appearances on the red carpet anytime soon, we are under the spell of their grandeur.

Bright Side invites you to travel to the past with the help of these 20 photos.

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Anne Hathaway

3. Keanu Reeves

4. Emma Watson

5. Johnny Depp

6. Neil Patrick Harris

7. Katy Perry

8. Rebel Wilson

9. Mila Kunis

10. Shakira

11. Taylor Swift

12. Hugh Laurie

13. Kate Winslet

14. Beyoncé

15. Princess Diana

16. Emma Stone

17. Jennifer Aniston

18. Rowan Atkinson

19. Jason Statham

20. Daniel Radcliffe

Would you like to live in the past? What do you think your life would be like?

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Some of these look so unsettling. They look as if they intentionally made some of them less attractive 🥺

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