15 Moments of the Purest Joy People Were Lucky to Capture

2 years ago

Happiness is not a constant, lasting condition; it is a compilation of small everyday moments of joy that make our lives vivid, psychologists say. It is crucial to notice those regular tweaks to achieve a life-long sense of happiness. The heroes of our compilation were able to notice and even capture them, depicting the happiness in pictures.

We at Bright Side want to share the moments of the purest joy to remind our readers that there’s always a reason to be happy.

1. A girl found her father after living 24 years as an orphan.

2. “I haven’t seen my brother in over a year. He surprised me yesterday to meet his niece. Look how happy she is!”

3. “Never trust a quiet toddler they said. They were right.”

4. “My son has been growing his hair for 4 years and donated 12” today! Emotional day, but couldn’t stop smiling, I’m so proud."

5. “When my daughter was 2, we gave her a stuffed animal. Now that she’s 4, we figured it was time for an upgrade.”

6. “Everyone has been so stressed at my work, I decided to show up today dressed as a T. rex to make them laugh.”

7. “Disneyland employees cheer for anyone who stands in the square. This little girl was shy, but stood in it and they cheered.”

8. “The day I adopted Shiro, I told him he’ll not be allowed on my bed. This is us a week later.”

9. “Dad drove four hours to come to my first ever roller derby bout.”

10. “This is my dachshund mix, Pink, that I rescued from the side of the road 9 years ago this month.”

“He loves warm sunshine, and he is the bestest boy.”

11. “This is what staying in bed late on a Saturday morning looks like.”

12. “Daughter wanted to do nails today. So we did nails today.”

13. “It will soon be 5 years since my wife and I adopted our son.”

14. “Someone just heard about the Easter bunny!”

15. “Everyone, meet my daughter, McKenna. Super high risk, amazing reward.”

When was the time you were lucky enough to capture the joy of your life?

Preview photo credit JephriB / Reddit


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