16 Pics That Instantly Made Us Smile

2 years ago

Smiling not only boosts our mood, but also provides several health advantages for our bodies. It lifts our spirits and helps us cope with stressful situations. When we’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, having something to smile about nearly always helps us feel better. Even the smallest act might become a dazzling light of optimism in a dark moment.

Bright Side’s mission is to share as much joy as possible, thus we’ve prepared a collection of funny and lovely images hoping to prompt a warm grin on your face.

1. “He’s 11 weeks old today and smiling from ear to ear. I can’t handle the cuteness.”

2. “My grandfather and his cat, the 1960s. He almost never smiled much, but he really loved his cats.”

3. “Meeting her great-grandmother for the first time!”

4. “Olive likes to sit on her ottoman in a funny way to watch the squirrels. She will sit like this for an extended period, it’s pretty cute.”

5. “Pretty sweet pic”

6. “After playing music our whole lives, my dad and I played out together for the first time tonight.”

7. “I got my 17-month-old daughter boots. It did not go well.”

8. “My dog, Roxie, and I have our birthdays on the same day! My baby turned 10 today! ”

9. “2 years ago today I married my husband in a garden nursery. We had an unexpected (but highly loved) little guest.”

10. “Every Thanksgiving, my little cousin challenges me to a game of checkers. I’ve been documenting her defeat.”

11. “My grandmother on her 100th birthday”

12. “My 94-year-old grandfather next to his latest piece of work and me holding my first one.”

13. “Painted my dog in her cute dorky pose.”

14. “6 months ago we had 0 kids. Now my husband and I have 2. It’s been insanely stressful but insanely exciting at the same time.”

15. “My son and my wife making each other laugh. This is now my favorite photo of all time.”

16. “My son reads to my daughter on the first night in our new home. Couldn’t be happier.”

Which photos made you the happiest? On a terrible day, how do you usually cheer yourself up?

Preview photo credit chad*** / reddit


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