What 8 Tiny Details in Your Bedroom Can Reveal About You

3 years ago

Meeting someone outside of their safe space will only give you a small glimpse of their personality. However, when you enter their bedroom, many aspects of their true selves start to become visible. Even the way they organize their pillows can reveal something huge about them. Stay tuned and you’ll discover how the colors we choose for our bedroom walls can show our psychological needs.

Bright Side dug up 8 small bedroom decor details that can expose a lot about your inner self.

1. How you organize your bed pillows

  • Stacked: If you place your pillows facing down on the bed, stacked on one another, then you probably are very organized and practical. You don’t like clutter, and modernism is your preferred style. You may also be an intellectual or someone with an artistic side.
  • Symmetrical: When you want all your pillows to stand in a perfect line, then you probably have an eye for detail. You like classic stuff and keeping good order around your house. You also are very reliable, and people trust your opinion, even in the biggest crises.

2. If you’re minimalistic or messy

  • Minimalistic: All introverts like keeping things simple, and that means having only the absolutely necessary items in their bedrooms. They simply dislike chaos. However, if you just don’t care about filling the empty spaces, then you probably have a very traditional mind and conventions are your driving force.
  • Messy: If you don’t bother to tidy up your room daily, then you probably are less reliable. You find it hard to be on time to appointments and you can easily abandon a project before finishing it. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have compassion for those around you, as many people think.

3. The color of your bedroom walls

  • Pink or lilac: You are a very romantic and sensitive soul. You don’t have the aggression of the mother colors, purple and red. You try to be unique and tender toward those around you — especially toward your partner.
  • Light blue and navy blue: Dark shades of blue mean that you cherish peace and quiet in your life. That’s why you prefer colors that appear toward the end of the day when the sun is fading away. On the other hand, light blue means that you are as open and clear as the sky. You’re not afraid to show your true colors to those around you.
  • Beige: While some might find it boring, you have chosen it because it offers your room warmth. It is a very quiet color and, therefore, offers you the stability you appreciate in life.

4. What you keep on your nightstand

  • Books: When you love something, you want everyone that enters your room to be able to identify it. This is called an “identity claim,” and it’s probably an effort to show off our accomplishments or our likes. From a big stack of books to the grouping of trophies, we all want everyone to know that we’re great at something.
  • Candles: They indicate that you are in touch with your emotions and conscious of yourself. Candles are somewhat of a feelings regulator that can help you stay close to your needs and wants. This is your way of taking care of your mental well-being.

5. Decor consisting of personal items vs fine art

  • Personal items: Keeping a lot of personal items around, like photos, means that you’re aware of your true self. Not only that, but you’re certainly not afraid to show that to those around you. You are proud of yourself and the life you’ve created.
  • Fine art: You are one business-savvy human being. Spending a lot of money on art doesn’t equate to a lifelong investment to you. You can resell and buy new art pieces whenever you feel like it. This means that you like taking risks and are not afraid of failure.

6. The types of plants you keep in your bedroom

  • Orchids: You are a great listener and probably have a small group of friends who you trust with your life. However, you can be mysterious, changing moods unexpectedly. One of the things that your friends love about you is your honesty, intuitiveness, and how you are not afraid to speak your mind.
  • Air plants: You are extravagant, but not in a bad way. You are as free-spirited as the plants and don’t need other people’s approval to move on with your life.

7. Cozy corners vs empty ones

  • Cozy: Most introverted and quiet people like to create cozy corners all over their houses, including their bedrooms. They enjoy life inside the home and make sure that they have a nice corner to perch on and read their book.
  • Empty: Too much minimalism and empty space can mean that a person is afraid of commitment. They’re afraid of buying too many things because they’re not sure if their current house will be their future home. In that same manner, they don’t stay in relationships for too long.

8. Your chosen style of bedding

  • White sheets: You probably like minimalism and despise clutter. Everything in your room is tidied up and perfectly clean. You’re an open-minded person who is not afraid to express their opinion. You also like extravagance and have a knack for small details and not just the full picture of things.
  • Soft colors: Free time and relaxing are vital to you, and you make sure the quiet color tones offer you exactly that. Emotional connections are important to you and your friends play a huge part in your life. It’s also very likely that you fill your bed with a few pillows to really encourage that relaxation mode.

How many of the above traits do you have? Do you treat your bedroom like it’s your temple or simply like a place to sleep?

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now i know that I'm an introvert. is being a introvert is good or bad. please make something on it.


number 2 Messy point really hit the nail on the head for me 🤣🤣


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