What Can Happen If You Use Your Phone Right Before Bed

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You most likely once promised yourself to go to bed early only to end up scrolling through social media, and we feel you. It’s hard to leave your phone in another room and to log off, even for a few hours. But using your phone right before going to sleep might affect your health more than you realize.

Here at Bright Side, we also can’t resist the temptation to be on our phones before bed. And we did some research to find out how it might affect your overall wellbeing.

1. It may hurt your eyes.

If you ever felt like your vision suddenly blurred after you spent hours scrolling through your feed, you’re definitely not alone. When you’re straining while using your smartphone, it may lead to eyestrain, also known as tired eyes. To protect your eyes, try lowering screen brightness and avoid using your phone for too long.

2. It can disturb your sleep.

When you finally get into bed at the end of a long day, it may feel tempting to spend some more time checking your messages or reading the news. But this habit isn’t as harmless as it might seem, and using your phone close to bedtime might prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. The blue light from your smartphone not only affects your vision, but can also disturb your sleep-wake cycle, which in turn may cause more health complications.

3. It may lead to neck pain.

If you’re familiar with the annoying sensation of neck pain, then using your phone in bed can make the existing condition even worse. When you tilt your head forward to look on the screen, in places a strain on the muscles in your neck, causing pain. If you can’t imagine going to bed without checking your phone, try holding it at eye level to avoid straining the muscles.

4. It might cause your skin to age faster.

You might be spending lots of money on expensive skincare, but something as simple as using your phone in bed may be sabotaging all your efforts. When you look down at your phone, it causes you to develop lines and creases on your neck, which in turn can make you look prematurely aged.

Do you use your phone before bed? Have you ever tried to break this habit?


i used my phone literally last night before sleeping in the dark and the next day, i read this

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