What Elizabeth II Used to Wear Before She Found Her Universal Style

4 years ago

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary became Queen in 1952 at the age of 25. Of course, over the course of 7 decades, the wardrobe of Her Majesty has been through a lot of changes, adapting to the laws of fashion and etiquette, because millions of people across the world are watching every step the Queen makes. There are dozens of people working on her image and the rules of Royal style are very strict. For example, did you know that her dress code for important events and theater visits absolutely has to include long satin gloves, a tiara or a crown, and also a fur cape for cold weather? And Elizabeth II has never ever visited the room where her clothes are stored. Every morning, her assistant comes to her with drawings, so that she can choose the necessary outfit for herself.

We at Bright Side are so inspired by the style of the Queen that we have already adopted some of the rules for ourselves. Which of these dresses would you get for yourself?

Queen Elizabeth II pictured at a Royal film performance at Leicester Square, London, 1952

Queen Elizabeth ll arrives at a formal event in Canada, 1976

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and Princess Anne attend the UK film premiere of Murder on the Orient Express at the ABC Cinema, London, 1974

Queen Elizabeth II dressed in full regalia

Queen Elizabeth II with Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Emir of Bahrain, during a visit to Bahrain in February of 1979

Queen Elizabeth II with US President Ronald Reagan, 1982

Queen Elizabeth II opens the National Theatre on the South Bank in London, 1976

Queen Elizabeth II inspects the boy scouts at a performance of the scouting revue, The Gang Show, 1967

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip leave a banquet during their Commonwealth visit to Australia, 1954

With President Ronald Reagan attending a banquet during her official visit to the US, 1983

Queen Elizabeth II at a function during a State Visit to Kuwait, February 1979

Queen Elizabeth ll attends a banquet with President Urho Kekkonen during a State Visit to Finland, 1976

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne attend a function at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna, during a State Visit to Austria, 1969

With US President Richard Nixon, 1969

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, 1968

President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy pay a visit to the Royal Family in England, 1961

Queen Elizabeth II during her State Visit to France, 1957

With her husband Prince Philip, former US President Ronald Reagan, and former first lady Nancy Reagan at a banquet in 1983

Queen Elizabeth II and Italian President Sandro Pertini at the Quirinale Palace in Rome, Italy, 1980

Queen Elizabeth II arrives for The Amir of Kuwait banquet at Claridge’s Hotel in London, 1995

Queen Elizabeth ll attends the State Opening of Parliament, 2003, London

Queen Elizabeth II arrives for a dinner at the Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 12, 2006

Queen Elizabeth II, walks on the grounds of President George Maxwell Richards’ official Home in the Port of Spain, Trinidad, 2009

Dresses by designer Sir Norman Hartnell for Queen Elizabeth II stand on display in an exhibition of her dresses and jewels at and the summer opening of the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, on July 27, 2006 in London, England.

Which of these outfits of the Queen did you like the most? Share your impressions in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Fox Photos / gettyimages


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I adore how she has dressed over the years. Lovely colors and her brooch collection makes me smile!


Well she also wears those suits because she got old.. she can't wear much open clothes


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