Salma Hayek Shows What Other Celebrities Don’t Want Us to See

9 months ago

We love Salma Hayek for always keeping it real and reminding us that behind all that fame and fortune, Hollywood stars are just like us. Right after the glamorous event, 56-year-old Hayek posted a candid video that showed what she did as soon as she got home, and it is something we can all relate to.

When hunger strikes...

The actress posted a clip of her eating right after she came back from the glamorous event. Salma was so hungry that she hit the kitchen while still in her stunning red sequin gown with the back completely unzipped.

And as she turns around with a sandwich in her mouth, we can hear a friend’s off-screen voice saying: ’’Expectation vs Reality.’’

Salma accompanied the sweet video with the caption: ’’Happy to keep the glamour going but first things first.’’

ST / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

The post soon gathered many reactions from adoring fans who saluted Salma for her honesty and gushed at the star’s beauty. One fan wrote, ’’Even her back is perfect.’’

Many celebrities also reacted to Salma’s video, including her co-star Antonio Banderas who commented with a bunch of cry-laughing emojis.

She and her daughter had a magical evening.

Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection/East News

Just a few hours before the video in the kitchen, Salma was attending the Academy Awards which is one of Hollywood’s most awaited evenings. And the event was all the more special for Hayek this year, given that she was accompanied by her 15-year-old daughter Valentina, who rarely makes official appearances.

The mother-daughter duo both looked fabulous in red, and Valentina’s gown was actually her mom’s dress from 1997.

She loves to keep it real.

This is not the first time that Salma has given us a glimpse of her everyday life and shown the fun-loving side of her personality.
A few days ago, she posted another video where she is wearing a golden beauty mask while eating chicken soup.

As she’s pouring the soup, Salma talks to the camera and says, ’’Definitely, this is the first time with a golden mask, and also my first time with the golden mask while having room service.’’
She then added, ’’I’m sorry, beauty is important, but eating is even more.’’

Preview photo credit salmahayek / Instagram


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I've loved Salma Hayek since I saw her in her first movie Desperado with Antonio Banderas. I thought she looked so natural and beautiful. I loved her wit and touch of comedy in the action film and then her part in From Dusk Till Dawn was so unexpected as well. She was fantastic in it. She has an amazing range as an actress. I wish her the best.


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