14 Movie Costume Mistakes That Were Immediately Spotted by Fans

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Even experienced costume designers can make mistakes. For example, they can choose a device or a clothing item that doesn’t correspond to the historical era shown in the movie.

We decided to find out what other mistakes costume designers made in some of our favorite flicks and TV shows. And in the bonus section, you’ll find a few blunders made by hair stylists and makeup artists.

Princess Diana never wore Chanel because the intertwined C’s reminded her of Charles and Camilla.

In the movie Doors, Jim Morrison wears Ray-Ban sunglasses. However, this model wasn’t released until the 1980s while the story takes place in the 1960s.

Many fans of Gossip Girl are still baffled about Serena’s costume at her graduation.

Serena chose to wear the tassel in her hair as a barrette while her classmates wore traditional caps.

In the movie The Young Victoria, closeups of the back of the women’s dresses, including Victoria’s, show the seam line of a zipper.

The zipper will be invented in about 10 years after the time the film is set.

In the movie My Girl, the main character is showing off her mood ring (the one that changes color depending on the wearer’s body temperature).

The movie is set in 1972, while mood rings were not created until 1975.

At one point, Lizzie wears rubber Wellington boots in the movie Pride & Prejudice.

The events take place in 1835 while rubber boots didn’t hit the market until 1853.

In the movie Braveheart, Princess Isabelle wears metal belts.

The movie is set in 1280 while women wouldn’t be seen wearing these belts until half a century later.

In the movie The King’s Speech, the Duchess of York wears a beautiful hat. But this type of hat won’t become fashionable until a few years later.

In the movie Spencer, there is a scene where Diana breaks her necklace, and several pearls drop into her soup. But in reality, that would be impossible.

Expensive pearls are individually knotted. If Diana even managed to break her necklace, only one pearl would have dropped.

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione was glowing in a beautiful pink dress at the ball. But according to the book, this dress should have been blue.

In the movie Amadeus, we can see Constanza wearing a beautiful corset in one of the scenes.

But this type of strapless corset didn’t appear until 200 years later, in the 1980s, while the movie is set in the 18th century. In the time of Mozart, women wore corsets that shaped their torso into a conical shape and generally had shoulder straps. They were also unembellished, so as to keep a neat silhouette under tightly fitted dresses.

In the series And Just Like That..., Carrie Bradshaw appears in a traditional Indian outfit which she refers to as a sari. In reality, it’s not a sari but a lehenga.

In the movie Death on the Nile, Gal Gadot’s character wears a necklace with a yellow “Tiffany Diamond.”

This gem really exists and is one of the largest and most expensive diamonds in the world. It was discovered in 1877, but it wasn’t mounted into a necklace until 1957, while the film is set in 1937.

In some Harry Potter scenes, we can see weird bumps on the actors’ backs.

These are portable battery packs that accidentally got in the frame.

Bonus 1: Daenerys’ hair

In one of the scenes of Game of Thrones, in the eighth season, we can see Daenerys having a braided hairstyle, but in the next frame, this hairstyle looks quite different. Perhaps, the Mother of Dragons possesses some sort of magic that helps her change her hairstyles in the blink of an eye.

Bonus 2: Wonder Woman’s armpits

Fans noticed that Gal Gadot’s armpits looked bleached in the Wonder Woman trailer. At the same time, the actress didn’t have any other light spots on her skin. Most likely, Gadot’s pits were digitally bleached in postproduction to remove skin creases in this area in close-up.

Bonus 3: Jacob’s tattoo

Throughout the saga, we can see that Jacob’s tattoo on his upper arm tends to change its location all the time.


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