18 Obvious Movie Mistakes That Surprisingly Made It Into the Final Cut

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Goofs and bloopers can be found almost in any movie, and this has no connection with how famous the director is or the size of the budget. But some mistakes are so obvious that it’s hard to believe they made it into the final cut. And recently, some Internet users talked about mistakes like these.

  • Harrison Ford is standing in front of fake bookshelves in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It may be a minor thing, but it is obvious. © ecdc05 / Reddit
  • In Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, when Ace is confronting the bad guy near the end. The bad guy is sitting at a chess table by himself. Halfway through the scene, all the chess pieces vanish. © zyd_the_lizard / Reddit
  • In The Mummy Returns, when Rick (Brendan Fraser) is carrying his son through the jungle to reach the pyramid before the sunrise hits the diamond at the top, the sunlight is hitting the ground first somehow instead of starting at the top, like a normal sunrise. © Symnestra / Reddit
  • In the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, you can see the actor inside Donatello’s costume. © Danny_Disco / Reddit
  • In the first Transformers, when Shia LeBeouf is first being chased by the police car transformer under the overpass, it’s clearly mid-afternoon. Within a couple of shots, it’s completely dark when Bumblebee and the police car start fighting in the industrial area. © rabbijuan / Reddit
  • Parts of the green screen toward the end of the first Charlie’s Angels movie were not properly rendered, so there are a few quick shots of Sam Rockwell “piloting” a helicopter against a neon green backdrop. © jean__jackett / Reddit
  • The fourth Transformers movie has some military guys looking at screens and some of the screens still have green screens that were never replaced. © dfchangs420 / Reddit
  • I remember watching Armageddon as a child. In one scene, they were walking on the asteroid and there was fire in the open. I remember pointing out to my dad that “fire can’t exist in space!” Perhaps I was just a nerdy kid. © unknown author / Reddit
  • Armageddon. It’s always daytime across the globe. It’s daytime in the Midwest, then sunset in NYC. Paris then gets hit by a meteor in daylight despite being 6 hours ahead of a supposed evening time in NYC. © darylrogerson / Reddit
  • In Home Alone, when Kevin is eating his macaroni and cheese meal, the clock rings 9, then cuts to Kevin blowing out the candles. When the bandits come in, there’s a completely different microwavable dinner on the table. © ThatsRobToYou / Reddit
  • In The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the fact that the huge and long submarine manages to navigate the tiny canals of Venice. It’s just never explained. © galgadotsunshine / Reddit
  • Jurassic Park. The T-Rex comes out of a heavily forested area, eats the goat, tears down the fence, and suddenly all that land disappears, replaced by a large dam that Alan Grant can rappel down. Huge budget film, massively famous director. I still wonder how they got away with this 28 years later. © OhhSooHungry / Reddit
  • This entire scene in Jaws 3-D looks stupid. And before you say anything about being limited by the technology of their time, the original Jaws made a far better shark than whatever this is supposed to be. © Simplordx** / Reddit
  • In Titanic, inside the ship, they splash around in the ocean water like its warm bathwater yet die of hypothermia in minutes outside the boat. © ComedianRepulsive955 / Reddit


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