16 Tattoos Whose Meaning and Beauty Go Beyond Anything You’ve Seen Before

11 months ago

Many people get tattoos as a symbol of attractiveness or a way to show the world who they are. Sometimes it’s also because they want to commemorate something or someone. In other cases, tattoos help them cover up a bad memory or make fun of something negative that happened to them. Whatever the case, we gathered 16 images plus 2 bonus pictures that accurately show how amazing tattoos can be.

1. “Decided to get my first tattoo on my 23rd.”

2. “Dolphin tattoo.”

3. “Clever tattoo done by one of my friends.”

4. “My dad passed away a month ago.. got his tattoo!”

5. “This scar cover up tattoo.”

6. “Portrait of my soulmate.”

7. “UFO surgery scar tattoo.”

8. Even amputation can have a positive side.

9. “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re not doing it right. (Got this two weeks post amputation)”

10. “My old Navy buddy is having his leg amputated next month. This is his new tattoo.”

11. “Biomechanical tattoo.”

12. “Guys, I am beyond happy with the results. This was the first session and I need to do my second session in two weeks for shading and color.”

13. “Memorial Tattoos for my parents that I lost in April 2022 and in December 2022.”

14. “Missing a toe.”

15. “My Syndactyly toe tattoo.”

16. “Cut Here. Got a little finger tattoo.”

Bonus: the magic of 3D tattoos

Matthew Pehrson is an artist based in Southern Utah and his aim is to bring style and art to the area. What is unique about his work is his detailed designs and the way the lines on them flow harmoniously. He can do anything from a copy of a picture to a thick-lined tattoo to even a more intricate nature-themed image. One of the most popular designs on his Instagram page is definitely the 3D skull tattoo he did for one of his customers.

Edu Mandarina is based in Barcelona and 3D art seems to be one of the key focuses of the artist. He says that the main value behind the work is respect. Respect for both the art of tattooing and for the customers. “One of the things that I like the most in the world of tattooing is the possibility of being able to capture the ideas that people have in their heads, being able to do them with my personal touch and in this way, create happiness and a bond that are unique apart from the fact that we are part of a family.”

As much as so many of us love tattoos, we should be aware of the possible fails we might experience and the areas we might want to stay away from getting our ink on.


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