19 Movie Mistakes That Producers May Have Missed, but Fans Didn’t

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There is no doubt that shooting a film is a highly complicated process that requires a great deal of attention to even the most minor details. However, considering the money spent and the number of professionals involved in its production, one expects the result of excellent quality. And even though mistakes are pretty frequent in films, only the most attentive viewers will always find them.

1. In Catch Me If You Can, the events take place in the 1960s, when the braces Amy Adams’ character wears did not yet exist.

2. In Iron Man, Pepper Potts is wearing a hands-free device, but in the next scene, it’s gone.

3. In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Gandalf the White is wearing sneakers.

4. In one of the scenes of Moulin Rouge!, the thin straps of the lead character’s dress are replaced by wide straps.

5. Jim Carrey’s hairstyle in the movie Bruce Almighty changes constantly.

6. In this Matrix scene, you can clearly see the camera in the reflection of the door handle.

7. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the sleeve of Lord Voldemort’s robe is first rolled up but then rises up on its own.

8. In Marie Antoinette, you can see hair extensions on the head of the queen’s son.

9. In The Other Boleyn Girl, they forgot to comb Natalie Portman’s hair back, which completely contradicts the rules of the French headdress.

10. Anti-reflective lenses became popular in the 1980s. Sharon Tate could not have worn them in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood.

11. In Back to the Future, Marty McFly plays a Gibson ES-345 guitar, which had not yet been created in 1955.

12. In Miss Congeniality, the state represented by this girl changes unexpectedly.

13. In Frida, you can see how the actress is “bedridden.” But the artist’s earrings hang down, revealing that she is actually standing, not lying down.

14. In A Series of Unfortunate Events, hands do wonderful things.

15. In Spotlight, the journalist takes notes, but there is no single word in the notebook.

16. Strange things happen in Twilight too: Taylor suddenly loses his vest.

17. In Titanic, the water looks clean when it should be murky because of the amount of organic waste in the ocean.

18. In Nothing Hill, the entire film crew can be seen in the reflection of Julia Roberts’ sunglasses.

19. The tattoo that She’s All That’s lead character had disappeared on the day of the last holiday of the year.

Are you one of those people who can easily find mistakes in movies? Or is it not worth paying so much attention to them?

Preview photo credit Iron Man / Marvel Studios


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