What Halloween Looked Like 100 Years Ago

5 years ago

It may be hard to imagine, but the Halloween tradition started more than 2000 years ago. What we now know as All Saints’ Eve originated from Celtic celebrations of New Year’s Day when spirits were thought to walk the Earth on their way to the afterlife. Halloween ideas changed with time and so did the costumes that have evolved from pagan animal skins to grotesque and creepy masks of the 20th century and modern costumes of fairy tale villains and superheroes.

Here at Bright Side we want to show you a collection of vintage Halloween costumes from the last century and a bonus picture of a modern costume that looks as if it came to us from the past.

1. People wearing the Michelin Man costumes, early 1900s

2. We can recognize the pumpkin to the right but it will probably take us some more time to guess the character to the left.

3. What a nice group photo!

4. It looks like dog masks were very popular those days.

5. The Honorable Mrs. Roland Cubitt dressed as a candelabra, 1930

6. This pumpkin man looks cute, doesn’t he?

7. Oh the good ol’ days, when wearing a mask was enough to be dressed up for celebrations!

8. A soldier, a witch, and a bear?

9. These costumes do look ahead of their time. Do you agree?

10. “4 creepy characters pose for the camera,” 1920s

11. Centuries may pass, but pictures with pumpkins will always be a Halloween must.

12. Can you guess which masks they are wearing?

13. This look is so cute that it could probably be worn at any kids costume party!

14. This little one made us shudder.

15. This couple could probably win first prize for the weirdest Halloween costumes.

16. This costume makes the lady look like a ghost levitating above the ground.

17. If you have no costume for Halloween, you know what to do.

18. Would you ever think of dressing up as an acorn?

19. Suits will always be in style for Halloween fashion.

BONUS: We think this Hulk costume could have been worn by our ancestors in the last century. Do you agree?

What do you think of these old school Halloween costumes? Do you find them creepy or cute? Tell us in the comments!


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