«It’s Frightening to Me,» What Happened to Christina Applegate?

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Christina Applegate, a talented and charismatic actress, has captivated audiences with her remarkable performances. Despite her glamorous image, her life story is marked by both sorrow and strength. Let’s explore her journey and discover what happened to Christina Applegate behind the spotlight.

Christina Applegate started her acting career as a child.


From her early days as a child star to her breakthrough role in Married... with Children, Christina Applegate’s journey in the entertainment industry is nothing short of extraordinary. Despite her tender age, she captivated audiences with her natural flair for acting, paving the way for a promising career.

Christina’s passion for acting ignited at a young age, leading her to appear in commercials and TV shows. Her endearing charm and undeniable talent caught the attention of industry insiders, setting the stage for her ascent to stardom.

It was her role as Kelly Bundy in the groundbreaking sitcom Married... with Children that propelled Christina into the limelight. With her comedic timing and magnetic presence, she became a household name, earning widespread acclaim and adoration from fans worldwide.

Her success is accompanied by personal struggles and health issues.

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Despite basking in the glow of success, Christina Applegate’s journey was not without its challenges. While she continued to thrive in both film and television, behind closed doors, she faced personal struggles and health issues that would test her strength and resilience.

She has bravely disclosed the profound challenges of living with multiple sclerosis (MS), shedding light on the harsh realities of her condition. In a recent installment of the Armchair Expert podcast, the acclaimed actress candidly expressed that MS constitutes «the worst thing that’s happened to me in my entire life.» At 52 years old, she confronts daily pain, exacerbated by the presence of 30 lesions on her brain—a characteristic hallmark of MS.

Among these lesions, Christina highlighted the significant impact of one located behind her right eye, manifesting in persistent discomfort. «My biggest one is behind my right eye, so my right eye hurts a lot.»

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Her openness extended to recounting her previous battle with breast cancer in 2008, revealing regrets about not being forthcoming about her ordeal at the time. Reflecting on her initial response to the diagnosis, she lamented her inclination to portray herself as coping well, even as she grappled with overwhelming emotions behind closed doors.

Christina acknowledged the facade she had maintained during public appearances, masking her true feelings and perpetuating a narrative that belied her inner turmoil. «Everything I was saying was a freaking lie,» she said. «It was me trying to convince myself of something, and I think that did no service to anyone.»

This experience served as a catalyst for a shift in her approach, prompting her to embrace a more authentic and transparent stance regarding her health struggles. Her diagnosis of MS in 2021 further reinforced this resolve, compelling her to share her journey with the world in a more genuine manner.

In light of Christina’s revelations, a wave of concern and curiosity has emerged regarding her current well-being and the challenges she faces. Her willingness to openly discuss her experiences with MS has sparked discussions surrounding health, resilience, and the importance of genuine self-expression in navigating life’s adversities.

What happened to Christina Applegate when she learned about her MS diagnosis.

Christina Applegate candidly shared her journey with MS on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on August 10, 2021. In her heartfelt post, she expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support she received. «It’s been a strange journey. But I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition. It’s been a tough road,» she wrote.

Initially, Applegate chose not to delve deeply into her diagnosis, but as time passed, she gradually opened up about her health journey, inviting her followers into her personal struggles and triumphs.

Applegate’s journey with MS began with subtle physical symptoms that she initially overlooked. Reflecting on her experience, she revealed that she had missed early warning signs of the condition, attributing it to a lack of awareness.

«I wish I had paid attention. But who was I to know?» she said.

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These symptoms became more pronounced during the filming of the third season of her hit series, Dead to Me. While on set, she noticed a sense of imbalance during a dancing scene and observed a decline in her tennis performance, prompting her to seek medical attention.

Despite the emerging symptoms, Applegate initially dismissed them as unrelated issues, expressing regret for not recognizing their significance sooner. As her condition progressed, she experienced worsening symptoms, such as numbness and tingling in her extremities, compelling her to undergo further medical evaluation.

The impact of Applegate’s diagnosis reverberated beyond her personal life, briefly halting production on Dead to Me to address her health concerns. This hiatus provided her with invaluable time for self-reflection and processing, allowing her to navigate the emotional complexities of her diagnosis.

Throughout her journey, Applegate has displayed resilience and determination, refusing to succumb to despair. She defiantly declared, «never going to accept» her diagnosis, highlighting her unwavering resolve to confront the challenges that lie ahead. As she continues to navigate life with MS, what happened to Christina Applegate serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration to many facing similar battles.

She attended her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony barefoot.

Christina Applegate’s journey with multiple sclerosis continued to resonate deeply as she unveiled her Hollywood Star while barefoot. Following her candid health update, she was honored with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame, opting to attend the ceremony without shoes.

In a post, she elucidated her decision, acknowledging how the sensation of wearing shoes can exacerbate discomfort and imbalance for some individuals living with MS. Embracing her authentic self, she celebrated the occasion barefoot, symbolizing her resilience and unwavering spirit.

During her speech at the ceremony, Applegate humorously addressed her barefoot appearance, playfully revealing her MS diagnosis to the audience. With a touch of levity, she remarked, «Oh, by the way, I have a disease. Did you not notice? I’m not even wearing shoes. Anywho, you’re supposed to laugh at that.»

Applegate, whose acting journey began as an infant on Days of Our Lives, also took the chance to reminisce about the fulfillment she experienced in her career.

Reflecting on her life’s trajectory, she shared, «I’ve had a really interesting life,» Applegate said. «The life started as being a little girl, waiting in line to see the first ‘Star Wars’ on this very street, at that very theater, looking at these (stars on the street) going, ‘Who are these people? What did they do? Did they do something right? Did they do something wrong? Whatever it is, I want one. I really want one!’ And I was five years old. So this day means more to me than you can possibly imagine.»

Amidst the celebration, Applegate’s daughter emerged as a beacon of strength and support. Moved to tears during her speech, she expressed profound gratitude to her daughter for her unwavering love and companionship throughout her challenging health journey. «The most important person in this world is my daughter,» she said. She lauded her daughter’s beauty, kindness, intelligence, and unwavering presence, underscoring the profound impact of their bond.

She got candid about how MS affects her daily life and her acting career.

Christina Applegate also bravely opened up about the physical toll her MS diagnosis has taken on her. She said, «I put on 40 pounds; I can’t walk without a cane.» She emphasizes her awareness of the significant changes her body has undergone. These challenges have made her work on the set of Dead to Me increasingly difficult. She struggled with prolonged periods of heat, navigating stairs, and even had to resort to using a wheelchair to reach the set.

In a candid interview with May 2023, Applegate expressed the profound impact of MS on her acting career. She hinted that her role in Dead to Me might be her last on-camera appearance, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of living with MS.

Describing her daily struggles, Applegate highlighted the constant fear of accidents, such as slipping in the shower, due to MS-related symptoms like leg weakness. «You can fall, you can slip, your legs can buckle,» she revealed. «Especially because I have a glass shower. It’s frightening to me to get in there. There are just certain things that people take for granted in their lives that I took for granted. Going down the stairs, carrying things, you can’t do that anymore.»

Moreover, her heightened susceptibility to infections due to MS prompts her to avoid crowded environments, further complicating her daily life.

She received an emotional standing ovation at the Emmys for her rare appearance after her diagnosis.

At the 2024 Emmy Awards, Christina Applegate played dual roles as both a presenter and a nominee. As she gracefully took the stage with a cane and alongside fellow actor Anthony Anderson, the audience rose to their feet in a heartfelt standing ovation, acknowledging her resilience.

In her speech, Applegate candidly referred to her MS diagnosis, infusing humor into the moment by joking about the audience with their standing ovation, «You’re totally shaming me with disability by standing up,» she joked. «It’s fine.» Despite her emotional vulnerability, she continued to lighten the atmosphere with witty remarks, suggesting that the applause need not accompany every moment.

Reflecting on the experience during an interview on Good Morning America in March, Applegate admitted to feeling overwhelmed, even experiencing a moment of disorientation. «People said, ‘Oh, you were so funny,’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what I said. I don’t know what I was doing. I got so freaked out that I didn’t even know what was happening anymore.’»

Despite this, she expressed gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she felt from the audience.

She decided to launch a podcast with her friend who has the same diagnosis.

Christina Applegate initiated a podcast venture, delving into her journey with MS. In March, she co-launched the podcast MeSsy with her friend and fellow MS advocate, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, known for her role in The Sopranos. The podcast, described as a platform for self-reflection, growth, and laughter, features candid conversations between the hosts, along with discussions with friends, co-stars, and individuals integral to navigating life’s complexities.

Their connection was sparked by a mutual friend, Lance Bass, and their subsequent conversations led to the inception of the podcast. Their exchanges, filled with laughter and tears, inspired them to share their experiences, aiming to provide support and tools to others navigating similar challenges.

«We would talk on the phone for two hours, and we’d be laughing and crying, and we were like, ‘This is helping us. Let’s record this. Let’s do it,’» Applegate explained.

Despite both hosts having MS, the podcast transcends their shared diagnosis, focusing on resilience and navigating life’s adversities. «It’s not about the specific experience we’re having,» Jamie-Lynn added. «It’s us facing something hard, and it’s about figuring out how to still push through.»

What happened to Christina Applegate is filled with important messages and values.

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Christina Applegate’s experience with MS offers hope and guidance to others confronting similar hurdles. Her journey highlights the importance of self-care, resilience, and advocacy in conquering adversity.

Acknowledging the significance of self-care, you can prioritize listening to your body and adopting practices like exercise, meditation, and proper nutrition to enhance our physical and emotional well-being. Through these routines, you empower yourself to manage the challenges of MS effectively.

Additionally, Applegate’s journey underscores the resilience needed to confront life-altering obstacles. Despite facing uncertainties and setbacks, Applegate persisted with unwavering determination, showcasing the human spirit’s ability to thrive amidst adversity.

Furthermore, her advocacy efforts illuminate the importance of awareness and support for those impacted by MS. By using her platform to amplify voices and advocate for improved care access, she fosters a sense of unity among individuals grappling with the disease.

In essence, Applegate’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the strength derived from self-care, resilience, and advocacy. Her courage and dignity inspire others to confront their challenges with similar resolve and optimism.

Through Christina Applegate’s struggles with MS and breast cancer, her husband stood by her with unwavering love and strength, ensuring their family’s happiness remained intact amidst challenging times.

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I haved loved her since Married With Children. She is incredible with showing humor in her trying times. You deserve standing ovations for all you do.


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