What the Cast of “Police Academy” Looks Like 38 Years After the Premiere

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The comedic movie Police Academy premiered in 1984, and its success led it to become a franchise with 7 productions. Interestingly, it’s believed that the idea for the story was inspired by an actual life event when the producer witnessed the exact moment a group of police officers was recruited at the mayor’s order. In the film series, the characters were part of a group of misfit cadets who fought crime in an unusual way.

1. Steve Guttenberg (Carey Mahoney)

The artistic career of Steve Guttenberg spans more than 4 decades in the film industry, doing comedies, suspense, and dramas. Before his work in Police Academy (1984), the actor was already known for his work in the movie Diner (1982), which was called by Vanity Fair “the most influential movie of the last 30 years.” In the year 2021, he was cast for a role in the series Paper Empire and The Goldbergs.

2. Kim Cattrall (Karen Thompson)

Kim Cattrall gave life to cadet Karen Thompson in the first Police Academy movie. However, it was her interpretation of Samantha Jones in the TV series Sex and the City that allowed her to achieve 5 Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Globe nominations. Most recently, she was part of the cast of the American comedy How I Met Your Father.

3. Sharon Stone (Claire Mattson)

Sharon Stone was journalist Claire Mattson in Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol. In 1990, together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, she starred in the movie Total Recall, and 5 years later, after working on several other productions, she received her first Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie Casino. Coming soon, she will be seen in the film What About Love.

4. Bobcat Goldthwait (Zed)

Bobcat Goldthwait first appeared in Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment, bringing life to the character of Zed, both in this film and in the next 2 productions of the franchise. Besides acting, he’s also a writer, producer, and director.

5. G.W. Bailey (Thaddeus Harris)

G.W. Bailey played Captain Thaddeus Harris (1984-1994), which is his most remembered role during his artistic career. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in theater. From 2012 to 2018, he was part of the TV series Major Crimes.

6. Leslie Easterbrook (Debbie Callahan)

Leslie Easterbrook played a memorable character, the instructor Debbie Callahan (1984-1994), and appeared in 6 out of the 7 movies. After finishing her participation in Police Academy, she continued acting mainly in productions of the horror genre.

7. Michael Winslow (Larvell Jones)

Michael Winslow played Larvell Jones in the 7 films. The comedic actor is known for his ability to create sound effects using only his voice. Nowadays, he continues his artistic career performing this particular talent and often shares his work with his followers on Facebook.

8. Colleen Camp (Kathleen Kirkland)

Colleen Camp, besides her work as an actress, has developed in the art industry as a producer. She was in the second and fourth Police Academy movies, giving life to the character of Kathleen Kirkland. Currently, she continues to play roles in TV series and movies, among which Mainstream (2020) stands out.

9. Claire Forlani (Katrina)

The seventh installment of this series of films featured new characters, such as the one played by Claire Forlani. After her involvement, the actress continued working on the big screen in productions such as Boys and Girls (2000). In addition, she has been part of the small screen in series like Domina (2021).

10. Ron Perlman (Constantine Konali)

Another actor who joined the cast of what has been so far the last installment of Police Academy was Ron Perlman. Apart from being an actor in plays, feature films, and television productions, he has worked as a voice actor in video games. One of his most featured performances has been his lead role in the Hellboy movies.

Do you enjoy this style of comedy? Why? Do you miss anything in particular from the 80s?


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