What Your Favorite “Baywatch” Babes & Hunks Look Like Today

3 years ago

Baywatch first aired just over 30 years ago, and since then it has been one of the most popular TV shows. It cannot be denied that its stunning cast made it so popular, from stars like Kelly Slater and Mitzi Kapture (and of course not forgetting David Hasselhoff and Jason Mamoa!). However, the question now is what they are like today, after all these years.

Bright Side brings you a throwback to the cast of Baywatch next to their famous characters, with the added bonus of Yasmine Bleeth’s transformation at the end.

Erika Eleniak — Shauni McClain (51)

Hobie Buchannon — Jeremy Jackson (40)

Alex Ryker — Mitzi Kapture (58)

Traci Bingham — Jordan Tate (53)

Craig Pomeroy — Parker Stevenson (68)

Jessie Owens — Brooke Burns (42)

Eddie Kramer — Billy Warlock (59)

Jimmy Slade — Kelly Slater (48)

Taylor Walsh — Angelica Bridges (50)

Trevor Cole — Peter Phelps (60)

Captain Samantha Thomas — Nancy Valen (55)

Bonus: Caroline Holden — Yasmine Bleeth (52)

This gorgeous actress had been on “Most Beautiful” lists for several years running, earned from her role in Baywatch. Unfortunately due to personal reasons she completely disappeared from the public eye after being fired from the TV show in 2000.

Who is your favourite babe or hunk? Who do you think is still just as gorgeous?


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The Alex Ryker — Mitzi Kapture is incorrect. The picture on the left is of Yasmin Bleeth.


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