When Jon Bon Jovi Got Married, His Fans Were Far From Happy, but Life Proved This Was the Best Decision of His Life

4 years ago

The famous rock star Jon Bon Jovi didn’t get much support when he wanted to marry Dorothea. His mother, producer, fans, and most of America were angry with the musician’s decision to get hitched. But despite all of that, their marriage has stood the test of time as they’ve been happily together for 30 years.

We at Bright Side think that Jon Bon Jovi’s love story is proof that sometimes we shouldn’t give up, even if the whole world is against us.

Jon Bon Jovi’s decision to get married was very risky and it could’ve ruined his career.

Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley met in history class back in 1980 when they were 18 years old. It all started with small talk and eventually, they started dating. At the peak of Jon’s career in 1989, when his band had the number one single and the number one album, he spontaneously suggested to Dorothea to get married in secret.

As Jon Bon Jovi says, they didn’t tell anybody and ran off to Las Vegas to get married with a cab driver as their witness. Unfortunately, in the beginning, their marriage was not approved by many people, including his mother. She was not impressed by their surprise marriage at all.

But despite having zero support from the people around him, he never hesitated.

On the business side, his manager was furious. He explicitly told Jon that getting married was not a good career move. His fans and the whole of America weren’t happy about their marriage, and many people tried to ruin their happiness. But the love birds knew that what they had was beautiful and managed to get through the hard times together. And boy, were they right to stick it out until the end!

In the end, love triumphed.

Today the couple has 4 children: one daughter and 3 sons. In 30 years of marriage, neither Jon nor Dorothea doubted their decision about getting married. On the contrary, Jon said that his love for his wife was growing more and more every year. He also revealed that Dorothea is the muse for all the sappy ballads he writes.

A true happily-ever-after story

Jon is grateful that he has someone as strong as his wife to love and trust, and that her stabilizing influence helped him reach greater heights. He said that in their marriage, he was the crazy visionary and Dorothea was the one with the glue, needle, and thread, keeping it all together.

What do you think about Jon Bon Jovi’s love story? Would you go through all these obstacles for the love of your life? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Their story looks like a royal one haha. I wonder why people wouldn't accept her as Jon's wife


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