Why Ben Affleck Looks So Miserable in Pictures With Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck brought hope to many people worldwide when they got back together after being apart for 20 years and got married in 2022. Since then, the famous couple has been seen at various awards shows, including the Golden Globes on January 7, 2024. However, in some of these events, people have noticed that Affleck seems sad or not entirely thrilled to be there.

Ben is getting a meme because of his expression.

ABACA/Abaca/East News, ABACA/Abaca/East News

In recent times, Ben Affleck has frequently found himself in the spotlight, sporting an often visibly upset expression, even becoming the subject of memes. The paparazzi capturing these moments sparked curiosity among journalists, who began questioning the overall well-being of the celebrity couple. The persistent images of Ben looking discontent raised eyebrows, prompting inquiries into whether there were underlying issues affecting the couple’s happiness.

Responding to the growing speculation, Jennifer recently opened up about her emotions, providing insight into the dynamics of their high-profile relationship and shedding light on the challenges they face in the public eye.

What Jennifer says about Ben’s facial expression.

Lionel Urman/SIPA/SIPA/East News

On the red carpet, Lopez directly addressed these concerns and dismissed any speculation about how Affleck truly feels at these big industry events.

“Ben is doing alright. You don’t need to worry about Ben, let me just tell you. He is good. He is happy. He is here,” Lopez honestly shared.

Jennifer says that he’s just relaxing. And she doesn’t get why people are making a big deal. The public doesn’t pay attention to her facial expression.

The insider is sure they are good but one thing makes Ben upset.

mcla@broadimage.com/Broad Image/East News

An insider, sharing information, sought to dispel any misconceptions surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship. According to the source, the Hollywood couple is thriving, despite occasional public appearances where Affleck appears less than cheerful.

The insider shed light on the reason behind Affleck’s occasional discontent, attributing it to his aversion to relentless paparazzi attention. The source revealed, “Ben and Jen are doing very well... A lot of the times we see Ben upset, it’s because he just hates the paps always following him and Jen.”

It is just one part of his day that he dreads, and often times it seeps into his everyday life, and it ends up looking like he is upset with the people he is with or his surroundings, when it is actually just some photographers.

Ben hates red-carpet photos and Jen loves it.

Image Press Agency/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Fernando Allende/Broadimage Entertainment/Broad Image/East News

Digging deeper into Affleck’s viewpoint, the insider mentioned that Ben isn’t a fan of red-carpet photos or being captured by photographers during their everyday activities. Despite knowing that Jen enjoys it, this does create some tension between them occasionally. However, they always manage to find their way back to a happy place with each other.

The source highlighted the challenges of navigating the celebrity lifestyle as a couple, pointing out the differing preferences of the two stars. Ben prefers a simple trip to a restaurant or grabbing coffee with more privacy, while Jen is all for the buzz and excitement of it.

Despite occasional disagreements on their public visibility, the insider emphasized that these differences aren’t detrimental to their relationship. They are really in a good place.

Preview photo credit Lionel Urman/SIPA/SIPA/East News, Image Press Agency/ABACA/Abaca/East News


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