Why Men Who Marry Nurses Are Happier

2 years ago

Nurses naturally have many lovely personality traits that can be imperative in a happy marriage, such as being good communicators, compassionate, and judgment-free. Whether at work or at home, nurses make people’s lives brighter. Their caring personalities at work are also a huge bonus at home —— especially if you’re lucky enough to be married to one!

While to be a nurse is often considered a thankless job, at Bright Side we have gathered together the reasons that the husbands of nurses’ are thankful for their profession. From their medical capabilities to their emotional support, nurses are all-round amazing people to share your life with.

Nurses are good communicators.

Across the world nurses work with difficult situations by offering comfort and care to those in pain. This requires an excellent bedside manner, allowing them to calmly comfort and reassure their patients. The ability to make sure someone is listened to and put at ease is an important social skill, especially when married.

According to divorce attorney, James Sexton, communication is key for sustaining a marriage, especially thoughtful communication, rather than simply talking about what’s wrong. To be open to dialogue and communicate our emotions, James Sexton recommends a conversation about how we will have the conversation.

Nurses are hard-working and organized.

As we all know doctors and nurses have never-ending work shifts and are on their feet caring for other people, tirelessly. This means that they have to have an amazing work ethic and know how to work efficiently. Within the marriage this translates to effective planning and management, from financial budgets to housework.

According to study at Cornell University, couples who divided the housework were happier and had better satisfaction in their marriage. This means that organizing your weekly cleaning rotation with your other half is actually very important for married life!

Nurses are compassionate and kind.

By nature, nurses are fantastic at sympathizing and selflessly helping others. While this can be seen as a duty of the job, to work in nursing requires a naturally compassionate person who can dedicate their lives to others.

A psychological study from 2014 tells us just how important compassion is for a marriage, saying that compassionate behavior brings more satisfaction to the marriage. Acts of kindness to ensure a partner’s well-being, or to simply improve their day, are an important way to show that you care for them and that you’ve got their back.

Nurses know how to keep their cool.

The high pressure of their work means that nurses have to learn when to keep calm and focus on what needs to be achieved. Such level-headedness is a sign of maturity and something which translates well into a relationship.

To marry someone of the same maturity level as yourself is considered important for a stable and healthy marriage. While maturity levels are often considered in relation to age, some adults may be less mature than they seem. This can lead to a parent/child relationship where one partner feels responsible for the other.

Nurses can attend to your aches and pains.

With a wife as a nurse there are many benefits, but none so much than having a personal medic. If you have any scrapes and bruises or are simply concerned about that suspicious ache, she can come to the rescue!

With her medical background, both in the hospital and through her education, she is someone who is intelligent and has worked hard for her medical qualifications. She will also remind you to go to your check-up appointments, which most of us forget about.

They have seen it all, don’t worry.

Because of the nature of their job, nurses have seen all the bodily fluids under the sun and many squeamish sights. This means she likely will not bat an eyelid or pass judgement against you, even in your worst situation.

As we all experience in our lives, acceptance that is based on open honesty and trust is important for any healthy relationship. When you start to feel judged by your partner, you feel that you are not okay the way you are and that you need to change for your partner to accept you. This leads to unhealthy relationships and a lot of pain and hurt for you.

Nurses have a secure job with a high salary.

Another bonus that comes along with marrying a nurse is the financial stability their job brings to the household. Her long hours away at work pay off with financial security for both of you. Of course, wages vary across countries and are dependent on the experience and sector of the nurse, however in the U.S. nurses earn $60,230 to $120,560 annually.

This type of financial independence is perfect for the home, as both of you can put money aside to treat yourselves to a vacation or a special day. To be in this type of a position keeps the marriage alive, as you get to spend much-needed time together outside of her stressful work schedule.

Nurses work hard... but they play hard too.

Nurses aren’t always “all work and no play” but they have pretty much perfected the work/life balance. This means filling up their days outside of work with meaningful activities and experiences to counteract their stressful work life.

A study on the importance of a balanced work/life lifestyle has revealed that it’s a crucial balance for maintaining a healthy life. Organizing your time and creating space for yourself and your hobbies is important for your well-being and happiness.

Are you a nurse or married to one? If so, which point do you relate to the most? Tell us about the wonderful nurses in your life and how they have helped to improve your life!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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My granny is a nurse and my granddad has always said he is a lucky man. ?


I don't know why but I always feel safe whenever I'm around nurses LOL


Grey's Anatomy taught to respect nurses. Any men married to a nurse should be really proud, grateful and happy as well. Go nurses! ????


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