Why Princess Diana Wore 2 Watches on Her Wrist

4 years ago

Princess Diana always knew how to make a statement with her look and was known for her kind-heartedness. For example, the Queen of Hearts refused to wear gloves while she was out on official duty, to be closer to people and show them affection. Once, she was caught on camera wearing 2 watches on her wrist and this wasn’t a coincidence. Diana loved to express her feelings toward the people she loved and this gesture was also meant for someone special.

Bright Side found out about the hidden message behind this choice of accessories and can’t want to share this sentimental story with you.

Diana and Prince Charles had just gotten engaged.

This picture of Princess Diana was taken in 1981, soon after she and Prince Charles got engaged. The camera caught her watching her fiancé playing polo at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor. Everything looked pretty ordinary, except for one small and pretty extravagant detail: Diana had 2 watches on her wrist.

It was a sign that she cared.

As it turned out, the gold metallic watch with a thin strap was Diana’s but the darker one belonged to Charles. Diana shared that she wore Charles’ watch as a tribute to him and to bring him good luck.

This gesture reminded us of an old tradition from the middle ages.

In the middle ages, there was a tradition to tie a lady’s handkerchief to the back of a knight’s helmet before a joust. A handkerchief was perceived as a good luck charm and it was the way to show support to the person entering the competition.

Unfortunately, Diana’s and Charles’ marriage wasn’t meant to last, but this sweet gesture illustrates that they definitely had love and tenderness in their relationship, at least at its very beginning.

This wasn’t the only time Diana showed her love with a sentimental gesture.

Diana refused to wear the tiara that was loaned to her by the Queen on her wedding day. Instead, she chose the one that had been in her family for many years. With this gesture, Diana showed that she decided to stay true to her family’s traditions, because many women, including her sister, had gotten married in this tiara.

Do you have any special thing that reminds you of your loved ones? Or maybe you have your own way of expressing your love and gratitude toward them? We’d love to read your stories in the comments.


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All Charles wanted were "heirs" children. Her married Diana because DHE was young enough to bear children; where that conniving witch Camila could not.

Then the ever chivilrous Charles started cheating with the "witch" Camila. I wonder when she realized she was used for children, and, if the Queen knew? ? ?


I think is nice to see that Diana actually had some kind of feeling towards Charles ??


Thank you for this post. It was very informative for me.

P.S. You have misspelt 'can't wait' in the introduction section ;)


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