Why Your Cat Is Waiting for You by the Door When You Come Home

4 years ago

Cats are well known for being independent pets, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t show affection or care for their owners. It all began with the agricultural boom in Central China, when people started seeing cats as useful animals — since they were great at controlling the damage done by rodents.

Many years have passed and now there are a lot of cat lovers around, and even though these pets are considered cold-hearted, they do have their own ways of showing affection.

We at Bright Side decided to find out the reasons behind cats being able to know when you are arriving home. And we wanted to share them with you.

They can hear you.

It is no wonder that your cat knows exactly when you are about to enter your home, they have great hearing, can detect a broad range of frequencies, and hear higher-pitched sounds than humans and, actually, most dogs.

So, when you park in your garage or take the elevator, they know, because they hear you. Over time, they associate that specific sound with your arrival and are ready to say hi. And that takes us to the next reason behind why your cat is by the door waiting for you when you get home.

They know your routine.

Besides their hearing, cats have another trick they use to figure out exactly when you are coming home. They have a good sense of time, which means cats can figure out when in the day you are coming home.

Routine is something that makes sense to them, it is easy to follow along, and enables cats to know the time of your arrival, especially if you have a consistent schedule, which they can learn and get used to.

Let’s imagine you come home every day around 7 p.m., your pet gets familiar with it and expects you to arrive by this time. This doesn’t just work for your arrival, they can follow a routine in a lot of different aspects, especially if it involves their dinner time.

They want your love.

Usually when we get home to our pets, we give them attention or treats, especially if we have spent long hours away from them. It’s totally normal to give this extra portion of love and care when you arrive home, and they love it.

They want food.

Besides getting super-excited to spend some time with you, cats can have something else on their minds, like, food. They have been a good boy or girl all day long and can’t wait to be treated with some delicious thing that only you can give them, therefore, they wait for you, so you don’t forget about them.

Does your cat do this or other cute things? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to post a picture of your furry baby!

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This kitty took up at my house and I not sure if she's a Maine Coon or not but I swear she has to be at least half..Any thoughts on it???

Comment with image on Bright Side

I guess my cat is different, he just keeps sleeping when I come home


That's true! there is this rule that you should never move when your pet is sleeping on your chest


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