A Woman Names Baby in Honor of Fast Food Dessert After Giving Birth in McDonald’s Parking Lot

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5 months ago

Recently a Wisconsin couple received a special delivery that is much more valuable than food. Analysia Beck, 25, went into labor on January 11, initially thinking it was Braxton Hicks. However, the pain intensified, and realizing they wouldn’t reach the hospital in time, Analysia and her husband, Daniel Beck, set out amidst a snowstorm.

Childbirth has become rapid.

Analysia Beck, a mother from Muskego expecting her third child, initially dismissed contractions at 11 p.m. on January 11 as Braxton Hicks. However, when her water broke during the night, she realized it was genuine labor. Things took a turn for the worse around 3:30 a.m. when the pain intensified, leaving Beck “hunched over on the ground screaming.” She explained, “The intensity and pain of these contractions was new to me, and I thought something was wrong.”

Recognizing the urgency, Beck and her husband, Daniel, focused on reaching the hospital. Amidst the chaos, they momentarily forgot about the ongoing snowstorm. It wasn’t until babysitters arrived to look after their other children that they recalled the challenging weather conditions, raising doubts about whether they could make it to the hospital in time.

Paramedics arrived just in time.

In the early hours of January 12, amidst a storm, Analysia Beck began feeling pressure and an urgent need to push. Concerned about the challenging weather, Beck initially believed they could still reach the hospital quickly. However, as the situation escalated, she instructed her husband to pull over, sensing the imminent arrival of their baby. “The baby was coming so fast and my body couldn’t wait any longer to push,” she claimed.

Feeling the urgency, the couple stopped in the local McDonald’s parking lot, promptly calling 911. In the back of their family SUV, Beck delivered the baby after three pushes, with local firefighters and paramedics arriving just in the nick of time.

The sweetest nickname.

Despite initial worries about the baby’s blue appearance, attributed to the cold vehicle and falling snow, the child passed all tests at the hospital. Weighing in at 8 pounds and 6 ounces, the Becks officially named their son Micah, affectionately dubbing him Little McFlurry for obvious reasons.

Beck is in good spirits after her unique experience. However, life at home has become a bit chaotic as she and her husband adjust to being a family of five. The mother remarked, “I’m healing much quicker than I would have expected after that situation, I was up and walking almost right away with minimal pain and I don’t even feel like I had a baby!”

Baby Micah is happy and gaining weight as expected. It appears that his nickname, Little McFlurry, is here to stay. “Our little McFlurry has been the sweetest treat,” Beck expressed.

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