Woman Proves That String Bikinis Are Suitable for All Ages, But Some People Are Furious

7 months ago

Elle Anthony, a 53-year-old woman, is on a mission to enhance women’s self-confidence and inspire them to embrace their bodies, regardless of age or shape. In a recent TikTok video, she conveyed a sincere message about body positivity. Nevertheless, some individuals online promptly voiced contrasting opinions.

She radiates confidence.

In her TikTok clip, Elle conveyed to her followers that societal norms dictating who can or cannot wear small swimsuits are irrelevant. She initiated her message by stating that summer is here, and there’s constant discussion about preparing for a summer beach body.

She emphasized the importance of living in the present, highlighting that one’s mindset truly matters, not worries about appearance. She addressed her audience, stating that if you’re prepared to hit the beach without reservations about your appearance in a bathing suit, surf shorts, or swim shorts, you’re all set for your summer beach body.

Choose outfits that bring you joy.

The content creator continued motivating her audience to choose their attire freely, declaring, “Wear that bikini, wear that G-string, wear those short shorts, whatever you’re into. This is your summer.”
Anthony further urged her female followers to embrace freedom and empowerment, advising them to dismiss external pressures associated with aging. She underscored that society imposes criticisms, labels, and standards on us, ones we never sought.

She divided the internet.

I'm all in for body positivity, And I'll probably get slammed for this. She does look good in a string bikini, but why not wear something that you look really good in? It's just confusing to me...


This fabulous lady remains steadfast in adhering to this principle, proudly displaying her body in bold clothing and bikinis without compromise. While many of her online followers applaud and support her stance, others hold differing opinions and engage in trolling.

For instance, one person remarked, “[...] no human ever needs to wear a ’G-string’ at the beach. Having confidence doesn’t require you to dress inappropriately. Dress modestly and have fun at the beach.” At the same time, another noted, “No thanks. I have seen enough.”
Someone else explained that what we wear should depend on our shape.

Hoy por hoy, muchas legislaciónes nos protegen respeto de la opinión de otros! Son tiempos donde las personas deben callarse la boca cuando NO se les piden opinión, y mucho menos expresar opiniones abusivas, criminales y/o discriminantes ya que seran y deben ser denunciados por una conducta abiertamente criminal! 🤦‍♂️


We celebrate the fabulousness of every woman who embraces her comfort in her own skin and confidently displays her beauty. At 74, this remarkable lady exemplifies that it’s never too late to captivate the world with one’s physique. Check this article if you want to find out her story!


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