Women Show How Makeup Transforms Their Faces, and the Changes Are Impressive

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4 years ago

Makeup is power. You may be for or against it, you may use it every day or for special occasions, or you may not even use it at all, but one thing remains certain: these small tubes can make you a totally different person. Makeup can give you the confidence you need, and hide signs of tiredness, skin flaws, and even scars.

Bright Side shows you photos of women who have experienced the magic of makeup. Look at these amazing transformations!

1. A couple of brush strokes and all the signs of tiredness disappear!

2. Wings and smoky eyes can make you pretty... magical.

3. Makeup can bring your confidence back and this is awesome!

4. It proves you can look gorgeous at any age!

5. A touch of foundation can hide skin issues.

6. It can turn every girl into a queen of the runway.

7. Different, but beautiful!

8. Now this is a makeover!

9. Makeup changes the way you feel and this confidence makes you look amazing.

10. 10 years younger? Easy!

11. Sometimes even light makeup can change a lot.

12. She's shining from the inside.

13. Sweet or hot? Girls can do both!

14. It may seem weird how much effort it takes to look natural, but it works.

15. Know what's the best about makeup? The feeling that you look 100% stunning.

16. Imagine how important it is for her to look beautiful on her daughter's wedding day.

17. Home look vs Going out look

18. The smile when you see yourself this gorgeous is worth all the effort.

19. Yes, makeup really helps brides look their best on their special day.

So the right makeup can make a real difference, but there’s one thing every woman should remember:

You are beautiful both ways. Makeup adds confidence, it can hide all the drawbacks, and highlight all the advantages of your face, but you’re gorgeous even without it. Real beauty comes from the inside — it’s in your smile, your kind heart, and your eyes when you look at the people you love.

Do you agree? By the way, are you the one who puts on makeup every day, or the one who uses it on special occasions only? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Preview photo credit milllya19191 / Instagram


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