“You Don’t Have Leading Men at 90,” Sir Michael Caine Bids Emotional Farewell to Acting After Revealing His Last Film

8 months ago

Legendary actor Sir Michael Caine has bid an emotional farewell to a career that has spanned over seven decades. One of Britain’s most iconic actors has graced in over 160 films. Over his huge career, Caine has left his mark on timeless classics like Zulu, The Italian Job, Alfie, and numerous others.

Sir Michael Caine retires from acting.

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British acting icon Sir Michael Caine has left fans in sorrow by officially retiring from acting after his latest film’s release. At the age of 90, he expressed that leading roles at his age are rare. Caine told BBC Radio 4’s Today program, “The only parts I’m liable to get now are 90-year-old men. Or maybe 85,” He added, “They’re not going to be the lead. You don’t have leading men at 90, you’re going to have young, handsome boys and girls. So I thought, I might as well leave with all this.”

His last movie.

The final film of Caine, “The Great Escaper,” a biographical drama directed by Oliver Parker, was released on October 6. Michael Caine plays pensioner Bernard, who secretly journeyed to France despite his health concerns. The film also stars the late Glenda Jackson.

Sir Michael said he had turned the film down three times before accepting the role as he considered himself retired. Caine’s retirement coincides with the upcoming release of his novel, “Deadly Game,” featuring DCI Harry Taylor, a detective unafraid of bureaucracy. He expressed his passion for writing a thriller, a genre he loves.

Caine shared that he is happy that he reached his 90s.

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When asked about what it’s like to be 90 years old, Caine shared, “The worst thing about it is that so much disappears from your life. You can’t run around, you can’t play football, and you gradually realize you’re approaching death.”

“[Death] could be just around the corner at 90,” he said. “But I’m quite happy. I’m sitting here writing, doing my thing. I like it. I have two children, three grandchildren and a wife... Everyone’s going to join me eventually. No one’s going to say, ‘I’m so sorry you’re going to die — I wish you were like me and not going to die.’ Everybody’s going to die. At least I’ve lived to 90; I didn’t die at 9, or 19 or 29. I’m 90, and I’ve had the best possible life I could have thought of. The best possible wife and the best possible family. They may not be a family that other people would say is the best possible family — but the best possible family for me.”

Sir Michael Caine’s remarkable career leaves an indelible mark on the world of cinema, and his legacy will be celebrated for generations to come. From now on, the actor will have more free time to devote to his beloved family and wife of 50 years.


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