Your Instagram Pics Can Say More About You Than You Might Think

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About 500 million people in the world use Instagram every day. This network has stopped being a digital photo album exclusively a long time ago. Now it’s used for sales, promoting goods on the internet, and even as material for research. Turns out, photos and filters in your posts can say a lot about your personality and even your health.

We at Bright Side found the results of this research quite interesting, which is why we’re going to share them with you.

What the color and filter of a photo indicate

  • Scientists from Sungkyunkwan University analyzed the profiles of 179 people (25,394 photos in total). The study was focusing on color as one of the key elements of style. They noticed that people in relationships posted pictures of bright colors more often than users who didn’t have a partner. Also, bright filters in photos are used more by extroverts and people prone to narcissism.
  • Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Vermont analyzed 43,950 photos of Instagram users and found out that depressed people tend to post photos more often. Moreover, it’s their face that is the main focus in their photos. Additionally, they don’t use filters that often. Photos of depressed people have more dark, blue, and gray shades as the prevailing ones. They also give preference to black and white photos.

What the theme of a photo can say

  • Are you someone who doesn’t like endless photos of food in your Instagram news feed? Turns out, they can be beneficial. Researchers came to the conclusion that when people share photos of their food and the recipes of dishes they cook, it’s easier for them to stick to the right diet and even lose weight. It turns an Instagram profile into a dieting journal while “likes” and comments from friends motivate users to continue choosing healthy food.
  • Some experts think that people who post lots of photos with their partner are trying to disguise problems they are facing in the relationship. Comments like “my girl” or “my man” can indicate feelings of possessiveness.

What else can be revealed by your profile?

  • People younger than 25 are less prone to smiling in profile photos. This feature was found by the researchers of Pennsylvania State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology and King’s College in London, England.
  • Instagram users who tend to tag their friend in photos are less prone to loneliness. Conversely, people who post photos that are not addressed to anyone and that don’t motivate others for discussion may feel more lonely.
  • Selfies don’t always reveal narcissism. There are 3 groups of selfie lovers: “communicators”, “autobiographers”, and “self-publicists”. The first ones share their photos in order to get their friends and subscribers involved in a discussion. These are people who take photos with “I voted” signs. “Autobiographers” make selfies to capture memorable moments of their life. They don’t mind other people seeing their photos but they make selfies for themselves to keep their memories and not to get “likes”. “Self-publicists” like to show almost every step of their life, trying to put themselves in a good light. For example, the members of the Kardashian family would be categorized as such.

What do you think about the results of this research? Do you agree with them? Please share your opinions with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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I love it how smiling in pictures can reveal your age. I hardly ever smile so I can be young forever.
Looks like it's better to not post anything at all to stay a mystery :)
Too general in my opinion. As if you can't smile if you young, and have to be serious all the time.

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