14 People Who Turned Embroidery Into Masterpieces

We often associate embroidery with medieval times when ladies would pass the time embroidering as they waited for their princes. But there are artists who prove that it’s a modern kind of art. Their works are masterpieces that can add beauty and comfort to a home. It’s impossible not to feel inspired by these beautiful works of art!

Bright Side invites you to take a look at amazing things created with the help of needles, threads, and some magic.

14. Shimunia

13. Lera Petunina

12. Fistashka Art

11. Katerina Marchenko

10. Taisiya Kovaleva

9. Sheena Liam

8. Kelly Ryan

7. Emillie Ferris

6. Kimber

5. Elenamoart

4. Liza Smirnova

3. The Monsters Lounge Embroidery

2. Chloe Jo

1. Stitchwhat

The way Liza Smirnova’s studio looks:

Do you like to create anything with your own 2 hands? Share your photos of your work with us in the comments section below!

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