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17 Comics That Show the Situations Every Professional Has Gotten Themselves Into

Oftentimes being an expert in a certain profession turns you into a superhero to those who are around you. However, these people somehow always expect you to know, do, and be ready to help, even with things that are completely out of the realm of your expertise: a system administrator should be able to repair anything technical, while an accountant should be able to help with any kind of calculations, instantly and without any mistakes.

We at Bright Side have been watching people in different professions and created the following comics about their clients’ strange requests.

1. The photographer

2. The nail design master

3. The teacher

4. The accountant

5. The doctor

6. The designer

7. The translator

8. The builder

9. The pharmacist

10.The taxi driver

11. The seamstress

12. The system administrator

13. The psychologist

14. The cook

15. The painter

16. The bartender

17. The lawyer

Bonus #1: The blogger

Bonus #2: The friend

What weird requests do you encounter in your profession? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for Bright Side