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18 Parodies of Famous Paintings That Seem to Be Cooler Than the Originals

Boredom is the engine of process. A new flash mob has started on the Internet and it’s currently trending. Internet users try to recreate famous paintings with objects they have at hand and use everything from packaging materials to their pets.

We at Bright Side are amazed by the imaginations that art lovers possess and have picked out the best works that prove you can create a masterpiece from food or random things that are lying around the house.

1. Jump by Norman Rockwell

“You can see a jumping girl, Arina; the Cornish Rex, Freckle, who is a bit shocked because of all this overwork; a dad in the role of a gymnastic horse; and a mom, who knows how to get the camera focused as quickly as possible. The apparent ease of this picture hides numerous attempts to take the photo in addition to a lot of laughter, tears, and a bit of hissing.”

2. Portrait of a Woman with a Pearl Necklace by Lorenzo Costa

3. Dancer by Megan Bogonovich

4. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

“We had 2 packages of buckwheat, a package of red lentils, 3 packs of barley groats, a box of wild rice, a package of green mung bean, a bag of millet, and some coffee.”

5. Maid Reading in a Library by Edouard John Mentha

6. Family Portrait by Anthony Van Dyck

“Cast: my husband, me, our son Mark (as a girl), toilet paper, and liquid soap. Our eldest daughter, who is trying to convince the baby to look in the right direction, hides behind the scenes.”

7. The Scream by Edvard Munch

8. Portrait of a Gentleman by Charles Mellen

“I found this ’column’ in our house. I used my clothes, pieces of black fabric, a theatrical wig, and a mustache.”

9. The Swan Princess by Mikhail Vrubel

“We used 65 feet of bubble wrap and 16 feet of plastic wrap. And I’m so proud of this crown. I made it from the materials I usually work with, chocolate and caramel. I spent the whole day making it.”

10. A magnificent bird. Portrait of Max Ernst by Leonora Carrington

11. The Last Tango by Juarez Machado

12. Portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

13. The Sistine Madonna by Raphael

“1.5 hours of arrangements and the selection of the proper stage props for the sake of taking this one picture”

14. Harvest by Kazimir Malevich

15. Above the City by Marc Chagall

16. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I by Gustav Klimt

Stage props: cookies

17. The Lion of Lucerne by Lukas Ahorn

18. Africa by Veronika Gapeeva

“Cast: my creative friend. Stage props: I pulled a stocking over her face, cut out the glasses from a slinky toy, and used the tassels from a pillow for her earrings. We put a towel on her head and covered it with a yellow T-shirt. I took a golden braid and sewed beads on it to make a necklace. We used a chiffon stole to cover the shoulders.”

What masterpieces are you eager to recreate? Share your plans in the comments.

Preview photo credit Marina Akobyan / Facebook