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19 Sculptures Made Out of Natural Materials That Can Spice Up Any View

While cities are growing bigger, people start to miss their roots and start craving nature and peace. Talented people from around the world do not miss the chance to share their ideas with the help of something that we all need. From willow sculptures that look like mother nature herself to sculptures like giant trolls hidden in the woods of Denmark, these works could surely knock you down with a feather.

We at Bright Side applaud the talent of artists who need nothing but nature to create a stunning piece of art.

1. We’re in awe about how much movement the artist was able to put into this sculpture.

2. This one looks so peaceful.

3. If Mother Nature was a human, she would probably look like this child with a nest and a bird.

4. Many hours of hard work resulted in this amazing willow sculpture.

5. It looks so real, that it’s impossible to take your eyes off it.

6. Not only does it look awesome, but the artist also uses only salvaged wood from trees that fell down in storms or heavy winds.

7. How can someone say no to these eyes?

8. This pixelated wood sculpture brings up so many emotions.

9. This one looks too realistic to be true, all the hours of hard work were totally worth it.

10. Your eyes aren’t lying to you, this is a life-sized car. Sigurd likes to ride on the little red creatures.

11. “Guardians of the Seeds”

12. Trolls come in many shapes and sizes.

13. China has found a way to make art out of an ordinary rice field.

14. “Just finished my Shakespeare bench!”

15. “My Among Us snow sculpture (took 1st place)”

16. Sandtastic!

17. This one is perfect for taking unusual photos.

18. The artist who created this elephant deserves a round of applause.

19. We hope you aren’t afraid of insects. This one is very cute.

What kind of art do you enjoy the most? What was the most creative work of art that you’ve ever seen?

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