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22 Street Art Pieces That Almost Made Us Forget to Breathe

True art has no boundaries. These artists prove that you don’t just need paper to create masterpieces. It turns out that walls, industrial sites, and even dust are also suitable for people who create amazing works of art. Enjoy!

Bright Side has collected some work from talented artists who prefer to create their masterpieces outdoors, using surrounding objects and buildings.


“Hey, have a look!”

Giving hope

A good way to decorate an industrial site


An unusual and creative approach

If you want to fly away...

“Dirty” art

Breaking the wall

Spilled rainbow

Iron bird

Lego human


Greek Gods

Waiting for Jerry

We need some fresh air.

Butterflies in the city

Alien abduction

Big heart

Sideshow Bob, as a pot

The mirror of the soul

Do you like street art?

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