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An Artist Makes the Most Unexpected Sculptures Using Only Balloons

Masayoshi Matsumoto is an extremely talented artist who can recreate any animal on the planet with balloons. On his Instagram page, isopresso_balloon, you can see everything from birds and fish to more complicated things like snakes and insects. The artist not only creates impressive animal figures, but he somehow manages to make them lifelike.

Bright Side loves art, especially how diverse it is. So that is why we would like to show you 20 of Matsumoto’s stunning creations and we hope they will impress you as much as they did us.

1. A tarsier

2. A seahorse

3. An armored searobin

4. A clear-winged moth

5. A black crowned crane

6. A ferret

7. A red-eyed treefrog

8. A quokka

9. A sun conure

10. A bullfinch

11. A dolphin

12. A mosquito pupa

13. A morpho butterfly

14. A guinea pig

15. A Japanese white-eye

16. A pygmy jerboa

17. A blobfish

18. A rabbit

19. A hedgehog

20. A snake

Which one of these became your favorite? And if you’re interested to see how his balloon animals are created, check out Masayoshi’s YouTube channel.

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Preview photo credit isopresso_balloon / Instagram
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