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20+ Cakes That Are Too Good to Eat Them

It is really hard to impress anyone with an ordinary cake today. Modern confectioners have learned to do, not just tasty, but also very attractive cakes that are too good to be cut. In some cases, we couldn’t even believe that the things in the pictures were real cakes that someone made!

We at Bright Side really like sweet foods and we would love to taste a piece of these baking masterpieces.

“Today’s my 25th birthday, my husband is a pastry chef and made me a cake.”

“I spent a minute trying to figure out where the cake was until I realized that the pack of noodles is the cake! Amazing!”

Who wants an edible guitar for their birthday?

“This ramen CAKE my mother created for my sister’s birthday”

“Someday, someone will ask for a cake with flowers and berries, but not today...”

“Friends know so well that I love dumplings, that they gave me this cake for my birthday. Yes, this is a cake and every single dumpling is a cookie made with marzipan”

“My 22nd birthday cake! I have this weird dream of picking up a salmon out of a river and eating it. This cake lets me do that!”

“Today is my 40th birthday, and my wife made this CAKE for me! I’m blown away!”

Amazing cake with amazing colors!

Not sour at all!

The king of fruit. Have you ever tried durian? This is a good place to start!

Memories of summer and watermelons

A baby koala you want to hug

According to the confectioner, everything on this cake is edible: the pomegranate seeds, the flowers, and the gems

An Inuit girl

Eggplant cake, with drops of gelatin to imitate water


Edible succulents

A birthday gift for a beauty product company

The cutest hedgehog. How are you supposed to eat it?

Chocolate cookie with caramel

Which of these cakes would you like to have for your birthday?

Preview photo credit AlyonaFonya / Twitter
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