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20 People Who Have Better Cooking Skills Than Some Chefs

For some people, cooking isn’t just an everyday duty, but an opportunity to reveal their creative and culinary talents. They know that if you want to make an ordinary dish unique, you have to add a pinch of creativity. For example, it’s easy to transform a simple focaccia into a blooming field. Or to go further and do the impossible — make a delicious cake for your loved one. Or you can just go to the kitchen and make dinner for your family for the first time and surprise everyone with it.

We at Bright Side like food, but we love creative people who cook well more. As a bonus, you’ll meet a guy who will always appreciate your efforts, even if the dish isn’t perfect. The most important thing is that it’s tasty, right?

1. This focaccia looks like it was made by an Impressionist artist:

2. “My wife stayed up all night making this cake for our son’s birthday:”

3. Having an ordinary lunch is too boring, so I made rice figures of me and my cat, which I wrapped in seaweed."

4. “My husband can’t cook and he doesn’t even go in the kitchen, so he doesn’t irritate me. But he found the recipe for my favorite dessert and secretly made creme brûlée. Just imagine how amazed I was when the dish turned out amazing!”

5. “Van Gogh’s painting inspired me to bake this cake:”

6. This is no ordinary candle!

7. “My wife nailed making a Japanese cheesecake.”

8. This lamb is so cute that it’s a pity someone has to eat it:

9. “My mom and I made black cupcakes with edible gold flakes.”

10. Focaccia and a view of Tuscany...

11. “My daughter is into geology and baking. That’s why I made this cake for her birthday:”

12. Geometric panna cotta

13. “My wife made a multi-colored cheesecake with food coloring. It’s perfect.”

14. This is an Easter pie with cherries and blueberries:

15. “This cake is completely edible, except for the lights. My mom and I made it together based on the famous cartoon.”

16. “Oh my God! My son just made me seared scallops with a pea puree as a surprise for my birthday. This is a masterpiece!”

17. “I just made this strawberry cake for my friend’s mom.”

18. “My perfect cake with a mirror glaze”

19. A flamingo cake for my daughter’s birthday:

20. These pancakes won’t leave any kid indifferent:

Bonus: Even if you don’t know how to cook anything more sophisticated than fried potatoes or fried eggs, there will always be someone who will appreciate your dish.

Do you have recipes for the dishes that always turn out delicious? Share the pictures of the final results with us so they make our mouths water.

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