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10 IKEA Tricks That Make Us Buy the Same Things for Decades

IKEA made millions of people fall in love with Scandinavian style and offered people interior designs that are simple and pretty cheap. The labyrinths of this store are built in a way that won’t let you leave without buying something. This place really makes you want to grab a comforter, some boxes, and new cups.

We at Bright Side decided to find out more about the biggest IKEA tricks that allow the company to sell the same things for decades and still gain more and more loyal clients.

There is a reason why there are so many details in IKEA interiors.

In the showrooms that you see at IKEA stores, there are so many different details. There are a lot of different textile things, pillows, comforters, candles, and other decorative elements. You’ve probably noticed that there are thousands of strange trinkets at IKEA. Marketers believe that this makes clients buy more things than they planned because of the great design and good prices. The design of the stores is made so that visitors see how great one thing looks with something else. And this is why clients spend a lot of money.

IKEA offers special help to couples that can’t agree on something.

In some countries, IKEA has a special attitude toward couples that can’t agree on something. For these cases, the employees have a special family protocol. Most of the time, the problem is solved by creating new furniture designs from scratch using the blocks and parts that IKEA has. This is the company’s way to improve the loyalty of their clients and increase sales.

Anyone can get interior design for free.

If you fell in love with a certain interior design that you saw at a store, you can easily put it into your apartment or house. There’s no need to find every single product you see in the showroom. You can just ask an employee and tell them that you want this room as is. They will give you a full list and it’ll be easy to collect the entire order.

You don’t have to go in circles around the store to find a certain product.

There’s a great lifehack for people that don’t want to go in circles looking for a table they like. Instead, go to the IKEA website and find the product. The place where the product is stored is right under the photo.

Clients are allowed to take naps in the beds.

At any store, before buying a bed, a couch, or an armchair, you can easily sit or lie on it. But at IKEA, visitors can even have a nap on a bed to make sure that it’s good for them. But if you decide to do this, please realize that the bedsheets are not changed often.

Besides, in most countries, people will be woken up if they spend several hours in bed. But, for example, in China, employees are more patient: often, you can see 2-3 sleeping visitors.

You can get reimbursed for some of the money you spent.

If you bought a product without a discount, a couple of months later, you can get some of the money back. This happens if the product goes on sale. Visitors can just ask for a refund of the money difference if they inform the store within 90 days after the purchase and show their receipt. But you should know that only those that have the IKEA Family card can do this.

In IKEA, you won’t see any open packages.

IKEA employees are very careful and they always make sure that nobody unpacks their products. According to the company policy, products with open packs have to be removed from the shelves immediately. In some countries, open products are actually thrown away.

IKEA gives clients 365 days to think

You have the entire year to return or exchange a product that you bought at IKEA. You need an ID and a receipt. However, this doesn’t work for all products. For example, you only have 14 days to exchange pillows and blankets, and 90 days to exchange mattresses.

It’s better to shop on Mondays and Wednesdays

According to some internet users, on Mondays, there are more chances to find the necessary product because more returns happen on the weekends. This is really important for products on sale that become sold out really fast. Besides, on Wednesdays, there are bonus sales.

IKEA design has been consistent for years

The website of the company says that IKEA loves the democratic design that is always changing and improving. But the furniture and other products of this Swedish company haven’t really changed over the years. They’ve only become a bit more modern. Look at the 1980s IKEA catalogs and now! Has anything really changed?

Do you like IKEA? What helps you fight the temptation to buy things there that you don’t really need? Tell us in the comment section below!

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