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13 Photoshop Fails on Magazine Covers We Won’t Forget

It’s really hard to imagine a modern picture without Photoshop. It makes colors brighter and objects become more realistic. But sometimes everything goes too far: bodies become deformed, people’s skin changes its color, one eye disappears, and one extra arm appears... These fails are so vivid that millions of internet users notice them and just can’t stop laughing.

Bright Side is amazed by some designers’ carelessness. Today, we’d like to show you 13 Photoshop fails found on popular magazine covers.

Wow, his fingers are so long!

Yes, it’s Gigi Hadid. And it’s not her best picture.

Hmm, something’s missing...

Someone hates Sarah Jessica Parker if they’ve decided to “improve” her look this way.

Strange arms are everywhere...

No armpits. Act like they don’t exist.

Kylie Minogue and her disappearing leg

How did Zac Efron manage to grow those strange muscles?

Apparently TIME doesn’t know what water reflection is.

Bieber’s doll face


Would you dare?

Is this jaw fake?

How often do you notice Photoshop fails?

Preview photo credit Men's Health
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