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15 Buildings That Pretend to Be Other Objects and Even Animals

The architecture of different countries in the world has its own characteristics, for example, New York lofts, Swiss chalets, or the skyscrapers of Singapore and Tokyo. However, there are also buildings that have no analogs. For example, fashion designer Pierre Cardin owns a bubble-shaped house. The architect of this building designed it in the form of bubbles because he hated straight lines, considering them to be “an aggression against nature.”

We at Bright Side want to show you this and other unusual buildings from different countries that will definitely stoke your imagination.

1. Sheep- and dog-shaped buildings in New Zealand

2. Dali Museum in Spain

3. Guangzhou Circle in China

4. ’Crazy house’ in Vietnam

5. The Kansas City Public Library

6. Tianzi Hotel in China

7. Public Library of Nice, France

8. Haines Shoe House in Pennsylvania

9. Casa do Penedo (rock house) in Portugal

10. Upside-down restaurant in Georgia

11. One-Wall building in Ukraine

12. Le Palais Bulles (Pierre Cardin’s bubble house) in France

13. Selfridges Building, Birmingham

14. Fish-shaped building in India

15. Wat Samphran (Dragon Temple) in Thailand

Which of these buildings would you prefer to live in or visit? Do you also have unusual buildings in your country?

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