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17 Public Places That Keep People Coming Back Thanks to Their Outstanding Design

Restaurants, stores, dental offices, and even trains — all these places can become much more attractive for their customers if they are lucky enough to meet a gifted designer. A life-sized Lego “dad” sitting on a bench in a store, a hotel that used to be a train, and a jellyfish lamp at a seafood restaurant can truly hypnotize you and make you want to come back to these places again and again.

We at Bright Side felt an urge to see these 17 designs with our own eyes, and we want you to see these gems too!

1. “Entrance to a pharmacy in Vienna”

2. “This dental office trims their shrubs to look like molars.”

3. “My orthodontist’s office has the Blue’s Clues chair.”

4. “The knobs in my dentist’s office are toothbrushes and toothpaste.”

5. “The bike rack at this library looks like a cable and locks.”

6. “My human dad waiting next to a Lego dad in a department store in Japan.”

7. “This McDonalds that I was at in a ski community is modeled after a ski lodge.”

8. “Swing chairs inside of a cafe at Singapore International Airport”

9. “Our town library made a Christmas tree out of books.”

10. And this mini-library is located right on a train in Seoul.

11. “The door handle at this movie theater is a film reel.”

12. “The door handles at my local bakery are baguettes.”

13. And the door handles at this Dairy Queen are bright red spoons.

14. “This hotel I stayed at was formerly a train station and had an actual train inside it, with rooms inside each car.”

15. “Walked into a restaurant bathroom and found this saxophone sink.”

16. “John Lennon in the men’s wash area at Hard Rock Cafe”

17. The lamp at this seafood restaurant is a jellyfish.

Can you recollect the most incredible design you’ve seen in a public place? What was it? Let’s share pictures of design masterpieces in the comments!

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