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19 Ads That Hit the Spot and Got People’s Attention

Advertising is an essential step to sell a product or service. Arousing curiosity and attracting public attention is crucial, and these brands knew very well how to captivate our attention. They created such clever ads that we’re sure there were experts behind these great ideas.

Bright Side collected some examples of ad campaigns where creativity and originality are king and queen.

1. Salon straight hair

2. “Healthy teeth”

3. “Nothing else matters”

4. “Littering says a lot about you.”

5. “Other services / DHL”

6. “Spartan Golf Club”

7. “Light”

8. “Use electricity wisely”

9. A coffee shop in a bus

10. Christmas at Mercedes-Benz

11. “Open at night”

12. “Tomorrow starts tonight”

13. “For those who live on coffee”

14. “To you, it’s just a small gap...”

15. “Every time the bus stops, an endangered animal disappears.”

16. “Nothing’s quicker”

17. A cake the size of a tall building was no problem for Royal Baking Powder.

18. “Planet or plastic?”

19. “Midlife crisis / midnight crisis”

What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done?

Preview photo credit Braun, McDonald's
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